This category includes ActiveX controls to improve the interface of your programs.

ACScroll Active Soft Ware 15/08/1997
This control is identical to a label, but supports horizzontal scrolling: great for titles or information massages.
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ASprite ActiveX Control A. Beaulieu 14/01/1998
This OCX control lets you create animated moving objects. Great for the developement of games!
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ActiveCandy 1.0

E. Blake

This is a set of three controls with a good graphic look.
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AR Button Control 1.30

A. Redondo

This button can replace the standard command button that comes with VB, or act as an active or borderless button. It supports text or different pictures depending on the state of the button.
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AR Flat Button Control 1.05 A. Redondo 12/05/1998
This is just another flat button control, that admits either a pi