This category includes all ActiveX controls and libraries that don't fit in a particular category.


N. Ferraz

With this handy control you can easly set trial period, expiration date and registration keys to protect your commercial programs from piracy.
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ActiveZipper Interface Enterprises 28/04/1997
This control is small, simple and very useful. It allows you to compress and uncompress files!
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AR Crypto Library 1.02

A. Redondo

This library includes the RC2 and DES-56 block cipher algorithms, the RC4 stream cipher algorithm, the SHA-1 hash algorithm and other objects that you can use to code or export binary data.
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Astro DLL

S. Tuma

This ActiveX DLL incorporates in your VB program a set of essential astronomic functions and calculations that are the base for any astronomic application.
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Little and easy control that can send e-mail messages with few lines of code. Has the ability to attach files, send to multiple recipients and CC recipients and more.
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Base64 Encoding Library 1.0 A. Redondo 23/05/1998
This ActiveX DLL lets you encode/decode data with the Base64 algorithm, a standard for Internet binary transfers. Includes sample project.
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BlackThorn MIDI player BlackThorn Ent. Network 06/04/1998
This is a very easy-to-use activeX controll that will play MIDI files.
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Browser32.Dll for Visual Basic A. Ríos 10/06/1998
This small DLL contains two functions that will allow you to open default browser on a target URL or to open the default mailer with an address already in the TO field.
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Calendar Control 2.0 Coyote Software Corp. 18/01/2000
Very useful "date-picker" control. Fully customizable and localized.
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DX Animated GIF Control - 04/11/1999
A very small and easy to use control that lets you play Animated GIF files into your application. It also lets you set frame rate and have transparent background.
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Equator 1.00 M. Wells 06/03/2000
Equator is a free, simple yet powerful control that lets you evaluate mathematical expressions represented as strings.
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FreePOP 4.0.1

G. Harm

Extremly easy to use control that allows you to connect to a POP3 server and download e-mail messages.
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MagicPer 2.0 J. Kwee 29/07/2000
This little control may be useful whenever you need to let the user select a period of time (a month or a year). Especially meant for use with SQL queries.
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OmegaVol V1.0 J. D. Seitz 09/02/1998
With this activeX control you can check and set the volume of input and output sound devices.
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SimpleRegistry Realtime Performance Inc. 15/01/1998
The SimpleRegistry Control allows you to access the Windows Registry in much more intuitive and simple way then the Win32 Registry API’s. It exposes the building blocks of the registry (Keys, Sub Keys and Values) in a object oriented fashion.
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Win95io 1.01 SoftCircuits Programming 31/07/1997
With this handy DLL you can directly access ports at bit level. All porta are supported, as long as you know their I/O address. Works with Windows 95/98.
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