This category includes misc articles.

Adding a web link to your program L. Dalla Vecchia 14/07/1999
Adding an email link to your program L. Dalla Vecchia 16/07/1998
Call a command button on another form G. MacLeod 01/11/1997
Click buttons in other programs using the API - 24/09/1998
Creating a Screen Saver L. Dalla Vecchia 03/09/1998
Determine the location of the mouse pointer - 24/09/1998
Freeze your program completely F. Loh 16/10/1998
Make a textbox scroll to the bottom B. Abreu 13/10/1998
Move forms without using the title bar - 24/09/1998
Operating on multiple controls in a form L. Dalla Vecchia 13/10/1998
Playing a WAV file Microsoft Corp. 01/05/1998
Preventing a form from unloading - 13/07/1998
Read-only multi-line textbox - 13/07/1998
Reboot the computer - 24/09/1998
Restart Windows - 24/09/1998
Time a loop B. Abreu 13/10/1998

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