Operating on multiple controls in a form
By: Lorenzo Dalla Vecchia Date: 13/10/1998

Sometimes you will probably need to work on many controls of a form. The following code shows you how to set the Visible property of all controls of a form to False. You may use it to set other properties as well.

Dim ctl As Contr      'Store current control
For Each ctl in formname.Controls
   ctl.Visible = False 
'Set property
Next ctl

formname is the name of the form.

You may also work with only a type of controls. The following code clears all textboxes on a form.

Dim ctl As Control          'Store current control
For Each ctl in formname.Controls
   If TypeOf ctl Is TextBox Then
      ctl.Text = ""        'Set property
   End If
Next ctl

And you can replace TextBox with the type of control you are working on (i.e. Label, Picture, CommandButton, etc.).

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