Files & Directories

This category includes VB code about the manipulating of files and directories.

Checking the existence of a directory

T. Jones

This function checks the existence of a path.
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Checking the existence of a file

L. Dalla Vecchia

This function checks the existence of a file by trying to open it.
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Get drives information J. Nyhart 19/02/1995
This sub will detect information for all drives installed in your system.
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Parse path, file or extension from a string G. MacLeod 01/11/1997
This set of three functions will allow you to extract the path, file name or extension from a string.
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Shorten a long path G. MacLeod 01/11/1997
This function will shorten a directory path to a custom number of maximum characters. It is used in many ways, for example in most applications to show long path in the recent files list in the File menu.
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