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Capture a picture from the screen Microsoft Corp. 11/01/2001
Complete code to capture the entire screen or just a portion of it, such as a form or a control.
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Convert numbers to any base L. Dalla Vecchia 19/07/2001
Unique function: converts numbers from any base to any other base (including decimal, binary, hexadecimal and octal).
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Detecting a previous instance of your application L. Dalla Vecchia 13/07/1998
This routine will prevent two copies of your application from running at the same time.
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Get and set local computer name L. Dalla Vecchia 16/07/2001
Easy to use functions to retrieve and set the computer name on the network.
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Perpetual calendar L. Dalla Vecchia 21/10/2001
Interesting code that finds out the day of week for any given date.
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Print a RichTextBox W. Thierry 30/10/1998
An incredibly easy-to-use function to print the contents of a RichTextBox, retaining formatting, with a single line of code.
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Save/load the contents of a ListView control L. Dalla Vecchia 02/07/2000
Two procedures to save the contents of a ListView (including all columns) into a textfiles and lately retrieve them.
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Strip attachments from Outlook L. Cornick 22/04/1998
This function will strip all email attachments in Microsoft Outlook inbox and put them in a custom directory of your choice.
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Waiting for a delay time L. Dalla Vecchia 01/05/1998
This procedure suspends the execution of the program for a specified number of milliseconds.
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Working days J. Nyhart 22/07/1997
This function will find the numer of working days (weekdays) between two given dates.
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