Windows & System

This category includes VB code about Windows and System stuff as Registry, INI files, system parameters, etc.

Creating Program Manager groups and icons - 24/09/1998
For Windows 3.x programs. Works even with Windows 95/98 Start Menu.
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Get Windows and System directories - 24/09/1998
Determine at run-time what the user's Windows and System directories are.
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Get Windows version - 13/07/1998
This function checks the Windows version and retrives it. The version is expressed in the format major.minor (i.e. 3.10).
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INI files management J. Nyhart 18/07/1997
This great function will manage INI files and do all the API work for you! With a single function you'll be able to write or read settings from multi-section INI files!
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Waiting for a shelled process to terminate Microsoft Corp. 28/07/2001
Replacing the standerd Shell function with a new function that makes use of API, you can get your program to wait until the shelled process terminates.
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