Drawing a gradient background with custom colors
By: Lorenzo Dalla Vecchia Date: 07/06/1998



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This procedure will start with a rectangle of custom colour. The it will draw rectangles each time decreasing the colour values, until it reaches your second custom colour.

This sub is used to draw a gradient background as in Microsoft Setup programs, but with custom colors..


CustomGradientBackground (Form,R0,G0,B0,R1,G1,B1)


Form: name of the form to paint
R0: amount of red for starting color
G0: amount of green for starting color
B0: amount of blue for starting color
R1: amount of red for ending color
G1: amount of green for ending color
B1: amount of blue for ending color

Type of data





The function is contained in a module. You can cut and paste it in any program of yours.

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