Size forms to end user resolution
By: Lorenzo Dalla Vecchia Date: 13/03/2000


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After you have added this module to your project, you will be able to fix your forms size to the end user resolution, also resizing and moving controls.
All this with a single line of code: the Sub will automatically detect user resolution: you must only specify the original resolution.


FixSize(frm, ScrX, ScrY)


frm: name of the form to be sized; you can use Me to refer to current form
ScrX: original width of the screen (i.e. 800)
ScrY: original height of the screem (i.e. 600)

Type of data





If your application was designed with a 640x480 resolution, put the following line of code in the Load event procedure of each form.

Call FixSize(Me, 640, 480)

The function is contained in a module. You can cut and paste it in any program of yours.

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