This page tells you how to contact Lorenzo Dalla Vecchia, the creator and webmaster of this site, Visual Basic Programming Zone.

If you have a help request regarding problems with Visual Basic programming, please do not send it here, but use the Forum instead. The reason is that I receive many messages a day and those regarding the Site are usually putted in lower priority than personal/work ones. However, my goal is to help the VB programmers out there, so I will check the Forum at least daily. So, using the Forum, not only you will get a quick reply, but you will also let the entire comunity help you and learn from your questions (and their answers). You may send me help requests if they include attachments (not yet supported by the Forum).

If you want to send me material to publish on the Site, you are welcome to use the quick Submit resources page, that will guide you in the process.

For any other thing, including feedback about the Site, complaints, suggestions, opionions about material and tutorials posted by me, link trade offers, site navigation/problems, you are free (and welcome) to contact me directly at

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