VBPZ Gazette #1 - 18/11/1998

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The newsletter of
Visual Basic Programming Zone

18/11/1998 - Issue 1




   So, after a long waiting, here's the first
   number of VBPZ Gazette, the newsletter of
   Visual Basic Programming Zone.
   I want to give VB programmers a resource that
   brings to their mailboxes the latest information
   about the VB World and about our site.
   In each issue you will usually find:
   - a news report from the VB World
   - service comunications about VBPZ
   - the latest update of VBPZ
   The contents of each issue may each time vary.
   You will not receive mailings at a regular
   frequency, you will get them when there's
   something interesting to say.
   OK, that was the message content, now what
   about the mailing list?
   First of all, I would like to say that this is
   not a SPAM mailing list: if you are receiving
   these messages, it means you subscribed by
   your choice. There are two ways to subscribe VBPZ
   Gazette: you may enter your email in the home
   page of the Site, or you may leave checked the
   "Subscribe me to FREE newsletter" box that
   appears in almost all of our forms.
   You will always have the chance to UNSUBSCRIBE
   this newsletter (the instructions are in the
   footer of the message).
   Well, this annoying sermon is over :). Here is
   where our first issue REALLY begins.
   Enjoy reading!

   You probably noticed that I were working hard
   in the last week: this is because I moved to a
   new server.
   The reason of this is that I wanted to give
   you a better service, MORE files and a faster
   access. I also freed you from those annoying
   Pop-Up Ads!
   During Monday and Tuesday, it was impossible to
   download some files, now it is all OK.
   An IMPORTANT NOTE I make concerns our
   VBPZ is now reachable trough two addresses.
   The first is very simple to keep in mind, it is
   vbpz.tsx.org (NO 'WWW').
   The second is a little more faster, because it
   gives you direct access, but is very difficult
   to remember:
   I advise to reach and bookmark our site using
   the FIRST address (again, it is


   I decided to update the Site monthly. Every
   time I'll inform you of the new files.
   For a "file" I mean an item (Article, Code,
   Tool, Sample or Program).
   Currently there are 99 files.
   These are the new ones:

   New Articles (11)
     Call a command button on another form
     Checking the existence of a path using API
     Freeze your program completely
     Get file size
     Get file size (tip)
     Highlight entire textbox entry
     Hot key labels
     Make a textbox scroll to the bottom
     Operating on multiple controls in a form
     Read a text file in a textbox
     Time a loop

   New Code (17)
     Center a form on the screen
     Center a form within another form
     Checking the existence of a directory
     Converting numeric dollar amounts into text
     Email features in your program with ActiveX
     Explorer like directory and file browser OCXs
     Get drives information
     Hold the size of a form
     INI files management <--- USEFUL
     Parse path, file or extension from a string
     Print Robot <--- COOL
     Scrolling Label
     Shorten a long path
     Split a string
     Strip attachments from Outlook
     System Tray ActiveX <--- COOL
     Working days
   New Samples (3)
     File Search
     Tile bitmaps
     Web browser

   New Tools (3)
     Converting compiled files from VB5 to VB6 <---
     Icon Extractor
     Project Analyzer

   Each new item is marked by a blinking NEW in list
   pages. Each update is segnalized in the NEWS area
   on the home page. Each update is segnalized in
   a VBPZ Gazette message.


You can contact the webmaster by emailing to

VBPZ address is http://vbpz.tsx.org
Lorenzo Dalla Vecchia

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