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Visual Basic sites

A Visual Basic Q&A Site 100% FREE
Ask all your VB questions here. Has books and other resources as well.
A1VBCode - The VB Source Code Site 100% FREE
AbstractVB - Visual Basic Megasite 100% FREE
Visual Basic source code, and tons of tutorials on topics such as MAPI, and MSAgent.
Active Aggressive
Resource for Object-Oriented/Component Development in VB: Articles, Code, Reviews, Links and Downloads.
ActiveVB German 100% FREE
Hundreds of tips, an extensive API-reference, highly frequented newsgroups with an average respondingtime of less than 1 hour, articles, books, chat, upload-area and much more.
akTools 100% FREE
100% Free ActiveX Controls - not just code snippets or demos. Includes a comprehensive report writer, grid control, progress bar and much more. 100% FREE contains the biggest Visual Basic API-List!
Andrea VB Programming and Downloads
Here's the Visual Basic Code you're looking for! Source Code, Tips and Tricks, Printing and Programming Techniques, Advanced API Programming, Discussion Forum and Free Downloads for Visual Basic. Take your Code for free!
Andy's Visual Basic Site 100% FREE
VB Programming, Samples, Links and VB Forum.
Andys private Visual Basic Homepage German 100% FREE
AppDev Training
AppDev offers IT training in XML, ASP, Visual Basic, SQL Server, Microsoft Access, VBA, Visual InterDev, Visual FoxPro, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows and more through CD’s, videos, public and on-site seminars and courseware licensing.
Astentech 100% FREE
Online tutorial in API, ActiveX and VB in webpages.Contains links to newsgroups, source codes and other VB related sites. contains advanced Visual Basic topics.
Carl & Gary's Visual Basic Home Page
This is the first and definitive source of information about Visual Basic, add-on products, and the user community on the Internet.
CodeBase Software
Database development tools.
CodeSites is the ultimate development related links collection available on the Internet. It is the only site where you can automatically post a link, comment and rate other sites.
CodeRoom 100% FREE
The Europe's largest FREE Visual Basic Source Code Site! A one stop portal for all your Visual Basic development needs. All source code is mostly free for personal and commercial use.
Cool Visual Basic
Cool Visual Basic is a site for professionals and novices alike to recieve help on complicated problems through our live helpdesk and messageboard.
Developer Exchange 100% FREE
Lewis Cornick (a VISBAS-L regular from the UK) has put together a site with add-ins , code, book reviews, and other goodies.
Developer's Domain
Resources for Visual Basic, ASP, Java, Web Scripting and Python. There are also online tools to generate ASP and Python code for form validation.
Developer's Resources
Free developer's resources, including links, VB code, tips, tutorials, and more.
Huge programming web site with hundreds of tutorials and files for several languages (VB, Java, C++, and more!)
Dutch's VB Library
Dutch's Visual Basic source code Library is loaded with excellent code and instruction on how to make yourself a better VB programmer. It contains many quality Visual Basic downloads, source code snipets, links to the VB Programmers' Web Sites, tips and tricks, how-to articles, and much more.
Edanmo's VB Page
ELA Home Page
Extreme VB (Access Online)
FreeVBCode 100% FREE
Contains full source code for over 700 free snippets, applications, and modules -- and a discussion forum. Also has articles and tutorials. All code is tested first. New content added every day.
Il Sito Comune di it.comp.lang.visual-basic Italian 100% FREE
This site has no owners: it gathers the ideas that come from the newsgroup it.comp.lang.visual-basic. Everyone can partecipate sending material, ideas and everything related to the Visual Basic programming language.
ITtoolbox Portal for Visual Basic
Content, community, and service for Visual Basic professionals. Providing technical discussion, job postings, an integrated directory, news, and much more.
Joe Garrick's World of Visual Basic
Links, code, tutorials, humor, Joe's got it all.
Just VB Jobs, part of a collection of 40 tech-specific jobsites created and maintained by, featuring thousands of quality job postings.
Larry Allen's Visual Basic Universe 100% FREE
Contains source code, articles, and freeware ActiveX controls for the Visual Basic Developer.
LK's Visual Basic Depot 100% FREE
Math Point
Numerical libraries for Visual Basic and J++
Microsoft Visual Basic website
Microsoft's official Visual Basic site.
MW Software's Visual BASIC Land
Articles, Tips, Q&A, Code and Controls.
Open Source Code 100% FREE
Free Visual Basic, ASP, and Javascript source code
Option Explicit
Jekke Bladt has put together a site with code, links, book reviews, and mailing lists.
Planet Source Code
Home of the net's largest programmer database with over half a million lines of code! 100% FREE is a huge site. Not only does Progar have a Programming Search Engine. But also tutorials, compilers, downloads search engines. With 55 Chat rooms and Free Email. Well worth a visit.
Programmers Heaven
The Internet's most complete source of free downloadable programming files, source codes, utilities, C/C++, JAVA, and other tools for programmers and developers. Here you will find over 10000 files and 2500 links organized in an easy-to-find format.
Programming Links 100% FREE
An extensive list of programming sites arranged into categories.
Rays Visual Basic Land
VB source code, tips (how-to), links, chat, forum, and more.
REAL Games Homepage
This site is about the videogames we're working on. Check out our latest project "Toy Trouble".
Robert Bacchas Home Page 100% FREE
A huge database of VB resources of any type: sites, tutorials, code, jobs, information.
SFC Software
Free VB Code, programs and more for the VB Programmer.
If you love cats, please see the Moggies section!
Stealth Software 100% FREE
Free VB Apps, Code, Utils
Steve Butler's Visual Basic Site 100% FREE
Latest News, ActiveX, Tips & Tricks, Links, Discussion, ...
Subzero Solutions
Subzero Solutions ~ Visual Basic related site populated by Add-Ins, Source Code, ActiveX Controls, Tips, Trick and work arounds. Major Products include The VB.IDE Macro Studio.
SysCold Visual Basic Site 100% FREE
Here you can find various Source Codes about Visual Basic. Perfect for beginners,but there are also sources for advanced users! Updated every time new code arrives(that sometimes means very day!). Sign in my guest book or if you have any problem post message on Message Board! Take a look!
TBS, Inc.
T B S - Visual Basic Code and Source.
The VB Zone 100% FREE
TheScarms Visual Basic Code Library 100% FREE
TheScarms is dedicated to providing solutions to many hard to solve programming issues. Problems covered are mostly those that are difficult or impossible to solve solely with Visual Basic. As a result, many of the solutions rely heavily on Microsoft Windows API functions
Tutorial Hound 100% FREE
VB by JC
Advanced Visual Basic Programming.
VB Cad 100% FREE
VB Tools for graphic programmers, 2D/3D Terrain modeler, free 3D engines, source code.
VB Code Guru
A lot of experience in VB at your service...
VB Design Team
The VB Design Team is made up of individuals with or without prior VB programming experience, who share the same interest... designing VB programs as part of a team.
VB Overdrive
VB Overdrive has been recently updated to host Online Code, How-To Examples, and Step-By-Step Articles for the beginner and advanced programmer..!
VB Master 100% FREE
Site contains free downloads, source code, articles, a search engine, online bookstore and more.
VB Web
Over 1050 pages of VB & ASP tutorials, soruce code, reviews, activex controls and more.
VBCode is a fully searchable database of over 1000 code snippets and files.
vbCode Magician 100% FREE
A basic web site with Visual basic and DX7 Downloads and Links to other sites.
vbGo 100% FREE
vbCode, vbHelp, vbTips, vbLinks, vbEverything : Plus free source code to programs and ActiveX controls - Visual Basic Internet Programming 100% FREE provides software and web developers with the tutorials, articles, source codes and other free resources devoted to Internet development (client application development, web development, webmaster's helper tool development and so on) with MS Visual Basic.
An extremely good site with a ton of advanced content. If you're look for site's then you definitely have to visit this one.
VBShop - The Visual Basic Shop
Tools, tips and articles for VB programmers.
Download Project Analyzer and check your code! 100% FREE
Visual basic programming, downloads, tutorials, forum source!!!
VBeXamples 100% FREE
The site to learn VB and download programs, controls etc.
VBSoftware English Spanish 100% FREE
This site provide 100% free visual basic software to help
VbSurf Italian 100% FREE
VB, DirectX, Tips and program.
VBTown - Visual Basic Tips and Tricks 100% FREE
More than 250 Visual Basic Tips and Tricks, tutorials, source code, free ActiveX controls, discussion group, and chat.
News, advertising services and Internet resources for programmers. Also features a live chat room.
Visual Basic 101
Visual Basic 4 All
A pro-active VB website with regular news postings a semi-popular but very responsive message board answering VB questions. Hundreds of VB related and other essential links as well as free OCX controls and many useful products such as the excellent Clippy 2000 text and image editing tool.
Visual Basic Archiv German
The ultimate Visual-Basic Homepage with lots of Tips, Tricks, Downloads and Workshops. Over 14.000 Icons for free Download, many other vb-relates Sites, news, books, and many more.
Visual Basic Clarity Online 100% FREE
The aim of this site is to provide Visual Basic programmers with professional quality tools and utilities to make them more productive.
Visual Basic Dream Place 100% FREE
Lots of vb projects, Tips and tricks , Freeware programs , ActiveX Controls , Free Email Accounts , and lots more
Visual Basic Explorer
A complete VB site. Great stuff for beginners and intermediate programmers.
Visual Basic Games 100% FREE
All about games programming in VB! Lots of great downloads, source code and tutorials.
Visual Basic Games, Code and More! 100% FREE
Tons of source code of all kinds and all of it is 100% free! We also have lots of VB Games!
Visual Basic in BelgiŽ Dutch
All you want to know about Visual Basic. Tips, tricks, downloads,... for all the dutch people.
Visual Basic Jobs
Job listing service for Visual Basic programmers.
Visual Basic Online Resources 100% FREE
Free source code for ActiveX controls, plus articles and other great source code and resources for VB developers.
Visual Basic Resource 100% FREE
A comprehensive set of links and tutorials for visual basic developers.
Visual Basic Source Code Center 100% FREE
Good site containing a large collection of pre-made source code, tips and tricks. They also publish code submitted by surfers.
Visual Basic Source Code Center (another one) 100% FREE
Has all soughts of program samples with activex controls and API examples. A must see...
Visual Basic Thunder
This site is dedicated to providing you with the advanced-level programming techniques that you're looking to implement in your applications.
Visual Basic Users 100% FREE
The VB and VBA users resource center. Contains Excel Workbook rebuilder, NetSend 3, Excel Sub Classer and API/VB/VBA code. Plus online discussion groups, code postings etc (all free).
Visual Basic Zone
Webmaster Tools Central
A webmasters directory of 1300+ website tools and services to help build, promote, improve and maintain websites.
Zarr's VB Website
Loads of code, links, news, and a KB index.
ZK Interactive 100% FREE
It is a new site with visual basic codes and programs it has hand picked codes from the internet not some lame "button BG color change" codes please visit!

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