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ADO client-side demonstration M. Branca 29/03/2001
Great project demostrating how to connect to a shared database and read/edit it.
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Binary database M. McKee 21/02/1997
An extremely fast binary database example in VB code using variable length-records.
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Common Dialog Open example - 24/09/1998
This example uses the Common Dialog control to implement Windows' standard Open dialog.
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Creating a Screen Saver L. Dalla Vecchia 03/09/1998
This is a Screen Saver totally made with Visual Basic! This sample is very useful to discover how to make a perfect Screen Saver.
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CTextBoxEx Demo Program J. Andersson 08/05/1999
Shows you how to extend the functionalities of the standard TextBox by getting number of lines, extracting text and more.
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Encrypt and decrypt

G. Ardell

This example shows you how it is possible to create a program that encrypts and decrypts text.
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File Search A. Ganatra 19/07/1997
This example is a file seeker tool. You enter a pattern, a starting position, and the program will search in all subfolders for files matching the pattern.
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Hide the Visual Basic workspace


Sometimes you test your application and you want the VB IDE to disappear (i.e. to test the look of the application as it is finished).
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Manipulating Message Boxes B. Stufford 25/05/1999
Is it possible to decide where to put a message box, change its font or make it desappear automatically after a given time? Yes, and this example shows you how.
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Password access example M. Branca 20/04/2001
Shows how to query the user for a password, verify it and hide it behind asterisks while typing.
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Printing a DBGrid M. Branca 19/02/2000
A little sample project shows you how to write code to print a DBGrid control.
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SetCursor sample M. Hart 06/01/1998
Use the SetCursor API to load either a standard or animated cursor from a file (.Cur or .Ani) at runtime.
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D. Hanfland

This sample project shows you how to make a splitterbar and how to make your controls resize to either the splitterbar or form changes.
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System Tray example

B. Baird

This example shows you how to add an icon to the system tray. The sample will create an icon with a tooltip and with a context menu.
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Tile bitmaps M. Johnson 23/09/1997
This example shows how to tile a bitmap on the background of a form.
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L. Dalla Vecchia

This sample program is a timer. It can show elapsed or remaining time, its windows stays on the desktop, behind other windows. It implements wave sounds via API calls and has a loop feature.
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Using the Browse Folder dialog

J. Percival

Useful project. Uses API to display the "Browse for Folder" dialog box, extremely used by Windows.
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Web browser


This example is a web browser application. Some features are not implemented yet, but it contains basic browser commands such as Back and Forward.
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Web browser demonstration

M. Branca

An excellent example showing how to include a complete web browser into your own VB projects.
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