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Type of resource you are submitting:
ActiveX Control - custom control for use with Visual Basic
Addin - program that enhances the features of the VB Environment
Sample Project - the source code files of a small application
Tool or Utility - any stand-alone program that can be useful for a programmer

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If you are not the author of the resource you are sending, this is not the author's email, but yours.
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If you don't know, type "Unknown".

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If you are the author of the resource you are sending, there is no need to specify this address.

Resource Title:

For ActiveX Controls, Addins and Tools this is the name of the program you are sending.
For Sample Projects, give a name to your project that describes its features.


Although this is optional, please take a moment to write an extensive description of the resource, including instructions for install and use.

if you are sending a ZIP file that contains a Readme file, you can refer to that file, without writing anything else.

(optional; English, please)

Send a file:

If you don't know the URL, go to the site where the resource is located, right-click on the "Download" link and select "Copy Link". Then right-click on the box on the right and select "Paste".
If you are sending multiple files, please include them in a single ZIP compressed archive. You can fill both fields if you like.

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Larger files will return an "Internal Server Error".
Please contact the webmaster for larger files.

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Most likely, it will be published in the next update of the site.

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