Files and directories

This category includes tips about the manipulation of files, folders, drives and the Windows file system in general.

Bring up a file's Properties box M. Branca 20/03/2001
Checking the existence of a path using API F. Loh 15/10/1998
Determine drive types and first free drive L. Dalla Vecchia 24/09/1998
Get a disk's serial number R. Rothstein 23/06/2000
Get file size L. Dalla Vecchia 21/10/1998
Get the size of a file selected in a FileListBox G. Kamer 07/10/1998
List files by date L. Dalla Vecchia 23/06/2000
Read a text file in a textbox L. Dalla Vecchia 21/10/1998
Retrieving short path name L. Dalla Vecchia 16/04/2000
Using Common Dialog to select directories T. Kumpf 24/09/1998

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