This category includes all tips that don't fit in a praticular category.

Block CTRL+ALT+DEL and ALT+TAB key combinations L. Dalla Vecchia 21/10/2001
Change Desktop wallpaper L. Dalla Vecchia 28/08/1997
Change screen resolution and color depth L. Dalla Vecchia 18/05/2001
Close an application L. Dalla Vecchia 19/03/2000
Creating a Windows shortcut Microsoft Corp. 24/06/2000
Creating a Windows shortcut in a special folder L. Dalla Vecchia 17/09/2001
Disable a window's Close button L. Dalla Vecchia 21/10/2001
Disable the Start key L. Dalla Vecchia 25/06/2000
Disconnect from the Internet L. Dalla Vecchia 23/06/2000
Get a chunck of text delimited by two strings L. Dalla Vecchia 23/06/2000
Get the time Windows has been running for L. Dalla Vecchia 24/06/2000
Hiding MDI child forms L. Dalla Vecchia 13/07/1998
Highlight entire textbox entry D. Botwin 13/10/1998
Hot key labels L. Dalla Vecchia 19/10/1998
How to hide your program from the Ctrl+Alt+Del list M. Branca 11/02/2001
How to disable textbox beep when pressing enter L. Dalla Vecchia 01/05/1998
Line continuation character S. Prakash 24/09/1998
Make a form bounce across the screen L. Dalla Vecchia 23/06/2000
Move the mouse cursor L. Dalla Vecchia 19/05/2001
Print a form in any orientation Microsoft Corp. 21/10/2001
Print a MSFlexGrid W. Keil-Gonzales 28/08/2001
Print a MSFlexGrid: the simplest way L. Dalla Vecchia 16/07/2001
Random numbers L. Dalla Vecchia 16/07/2001
Retrieve the title of a HTML page L. Dalla Vecchia 23/06/2000
Running external applications L. Dalla Vecchia 16/04/2000
Saving a picture in a database R. Paweska 25/04/2000
Set a date at the beginning of the month L. Dalla Vecchia 25/06/2000
Show or hide the Start button W. Thierry 22/10/1998
Split char-delimited strings L. Dalla Vecchia 21/06/2000
Use Data control with Access 2000 databases Microsoft Corp. 03/12/1999

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