Saving a picture in a database
By: Richard Paweska Date: 25/04/2000

This tip describes how to save a small picture (less than 65 KB) into a database field.

First thing, be sure to have a table whose records include a field named "Picture", of the LongBinary type. You will also need a hidden picture box, named pctHidden (set Visible property to False), and a Data control to deal with the database.
Use the following code in Visual Basic:

Dim strTmpPath As String
strChar As String
Dim strBitmap As String

'Temporary path to save image
strTmpPath = "c:\~tmpimg"

'Clear any previous contents from the string

'that the bitmap will be saved to

strBitmap = ""

'Clear the picture box
Set pctHidden.Picture = Nothing

'Load the image to the picture box
Set pctHidden.Picture = LoadPicture("picturefilepath")

'Delete temporary file if it already exists

If Dir(strTmpPath) <> "" Then Kill strTmpPath

'Save the contents of the picture box to the path defined above
SavePicture pctHidden.Picture, strTmpPath

'Open the saved picture to read into a string
Open strTmpPath For Binary Access Read As #1

'Initialize the string
strChar = String(LOF(1) + 1, " ")
'Get the contents of the file and place them into a string

Do While Not EOF(1)
    Get #1, , strChar
    strBitmap = strBitmap & CStr(strChar)

'Close the open bitmap file
Close #1
'Initialize the Data control
With datDataControl
    .DatabaseName = DBName
    .RecordSource = "tablename"
    'Add a new record
    .Recordset!Picture = strBitmap
End With

Replace "picturefilepath" with the path of the image to save; you can also specify a picture from one of the controls in your project. Also replace "tablename" and datDataControl with proper values.

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