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Active Registrar D. Powell 14/01/1998
Active Registrar is a utility for registering and unregistering ActiveX servers. It can be used as a standalone application or as an Add-In for Visual Basic 5.
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ASCII Master TD Software 01/08/1998
This utility is used to convert an ASCII character to its decimal value and viceversa. The program also shows the complete table of ASCII characters.
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AXReg 1.0.2 - 11/06/1998
Another easy utility to register/unregister DLLs and OCXs.
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BinaryWork VB5 to VB6 converter BinaryWork Corp. 30/09/1998
This small utility converts an EXE, a DLL or an OCX compiled in Visual Basic 5.0 as it was compiled with Visual Basic 6.0.
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BTM Reg OCX 98

BTM Software

With this program, you can put the definition of a DLL or OCX in the System Registry (register), and even remove it (unregister).
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ebExIcon 2.0

E. Bonaldo

You will be able to extract 32x32 icons from Applications (EXE), Library (DLL), Icon (ICO), Cursor (CUR) and Animated cursor (ANI) files.
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Hexer 1.0 T. Reimann 06/06/1998
This small utility converts hex numbers to decimal numbers and vice-versa.
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MenuInfo v2.00

B. Martinez

This tool gets the menu structure of any running applications showing it in a hierachical format
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Visual Basic Component License Fixer

Microsoft Corp.

Great tool from Microsoft that fixes problems with VB ActiveX controls licenses. It work with any edition of VB5.
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WinRC 2.12 J. M. Deleau 12/02/1997
Simple tool to create either 16-bit or 32-bit resource files with bitmaps, icons, sounds and strings. Very simple to use.
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