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By: Microsoft Corporation Date: 27/02/1998



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VBCMPFIX is designed to make sure that the controls and components included with Visual Basic 5.0 are installed properly. VBCMPFIX will detect and fix the install problems for the following editions of Visual Basic 5.0:

Visual Basic 5.0 Enterprise Edition
Visual Basic 5.0 Professional Edition
Visual Basic 5.0 Learning Edition
Visual Basic 5.0 Control Creation Edition

List Of Components VBCMPFIX Will Fix

Depending upon which edition of Visual Basic 5.0 you have installed, VBCMPFIX will fix your installation so that controls and components that come with VB5 work in the VB5 design environment. VBCMPFIX.EXE works ONLY with the components listed below, and will not affect any other third party controls you might be having problems with, or fix problems with any controls in the \Tools\Controls directory on the Visual Basic 5.0 CD.

Component Ent. Pro. Lrn. CCE
Microsoft Data Bound List Control X X X
Auto Connection Manager (AddIn) X X
Microsoft Tabbed Dialog Control X X X
Microsoft Winsock Control X X
Microsoft Comm Control X X
Microsoft RemoteData Control X
Microsoft Common Dialog Control X X X X
Microsoft Data Bound Grid Control X X X
Microsoft Windows Common Controls (1) X X X X
Microsoft PictureClip Control X X
Microsoft Flexgrid Control X X X
Microsoft Internet Transfer Control X X
Microsoft Chart Control X X
Microsoft MAPI Controls X X
Microsoft Windows Common Controls (2) X X
VB T-SQL Debugger (AddIn) X
Microsoft UserConnection (ActiveX Designer) X
Microsoft Remote Data Object 2.0 X
Microsoft Multimedia Control X X
Microsoft Masked Edit Control X X
Microsoft Rich TextBox Control X X
Microsoft SysInfo Control X X
Data Access Objects 3.50 Object Library X X

How To Use

VBCMPFIX is very simple to use. Run the self extracting VBC.EXE program, which will extract two files:


Double click on VBCMPFIX.EXE from the Windows Explorer.

When VBCMPFIX launches, it will automatically detect which version of Visual Basic you have installed on your system. If you do not have Visual Basic installed, it will not allow you continue.

After it detects your version of Visual Basic, you can Fix Install or Quit. Choosing Fix Install will update your system so that the controls and components that come with your edition of Visual Basic will work. The controls and components that are fixed is dependent upon the edition of Visual basic 5.0 you have installed (see the table above).

After you have done this, close the utility and reboot your system. After rebooting, launch Visual Basic 5 and try using any controls you were having problems with.

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