Visual Basic 6.0 Service Pack 3
By: Microsoft Corporation Date: 09/05/1999



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Service Pack 3 addresses and corrects several issues inMicrosoft® Visual Basic 6.0. The Service Pack solves problems with Visual Basic Controls,worldwide versions of Visual Basic, and the Package and Deployment Wizard. Service Packalso corrects several of the miscellaneous problems that cause general protection faultsand automation errors in the Visual Basic environment.
To be used only with the ENGLISH version of VisualBasic 6.0.

Visual Basic Service Pack 3 Fixes:

Controls issues

The following Controls issues have been fixed:

Worldwide productissues

The following worldwide product issues have been fixed:

Microsoft ActiveXData Objects (ADO) documentation

Updated Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) documentationis installed with Visual Studio 6 Service Pack 3. All users may access the updated ADO 2.1documentation (ado210.chm) from the Help folder in their Windows directory. Visual Basicusers will have access to this documentation through context-sensitive (F1) help if theyhave installed Microsoft Data Access Components 2.1 and created a reference to theMicrosoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.1 library.

To create a reference to the ADO 2.1 library:

  1. From the Project menu, select References.
  2. Ensure "Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.1 Library" is selected.
  3. Click OK.

Context-sensitive help is available for all ADO 2.1 objects,collections, methods, and properties. Pressing F1 calls the standalone ADO 2.1 help, notthe MSDN™ library.

Package and Deployment Wizard issues

The following Package and Deployment Wizard issues have beenfixed:

Run-time error with COMDLLs

The following Microsoft Visual Basic issue has been fixedwith Service Pack 1 and is included with Service Pack 3:

If your applications download run-time components from theWeb on setup, note that the following files have changed with this Service Pack:

Miscellaneous issues

NOTE:This service pack can update only English versions of Visual Basic 6.0.
NOTE: It only updates VisualBasic, NOT the entire Visual Studio package.
To install, download all exe files in a single folder and run each one; restart thesystem after installation.

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