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1998 updates

16/11/1998 - Site moved to a new server
Because of oppressive advertising at Geocities and because I was running out of disk space, I moved VBPZ to a new server at Crosswinds. I also registered a new, shorter URL: http://vbpz.tsx.org

24/09/1998 - VBPZ Gazette debut
I created VBPZ Gazette, my new mailing list that will keep you informed about site updates and news. Subscription is available on the front page.

22/07/1998 - New version online
A new and totally reviewed version of the site is online.

12/06/1998 - Start working on a new version
The current site does not satisfy me and it contains almost nothing. So, I started designing a new site with much more material and a new layout.

13/05/1998 - SITE ONLINE
Today, my birthday, is also VBPZ birthday: the site is now up and running online for the first time!

23/03/1998 - Link Exchange
Started membership with the Internet Link Exchange: I hope this service will bring many visitors to my site.

21/03/1998 - VBPZ is born
I completed the project for a Visual Basic website and I started realizing it. Although VBPZ life starts here, it is not "alive" online yet.

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