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1999 updates

26/11/1999 - Reached 100 files
Started updating the site again. Today, I begin with a small update: 5 new files, take a look at them. With the addition of these new files, VBPZ has reached exactly 100 VB files, but I won't stop here: larger update is due for the next week - stay tuned!

23/11/1999 - Updates page created
Today I put online an Updates page: it is accessible trough the navbar. Besides current updates records, it contains new archives (only one now - the 1998 archive).

08/11/1999 - Downtime
During the last week, my site was offline. I apologize about that, but Crosswinds thought it was time to do server-upgrade. You should notice increased speed: I hope it'll be worth the waiting!

26/09/1999 - Links page added
Today I added a Links page. To access it, select "Links" from the top navbar or click here. There are very few links at this time, but many others will be added in the near future and webmasters will also have the opportunity to post their links.

28/08/1999 - Vacation is over
Hi. I'm back from vacation and will start taking care of the site shortly. Today I have disabled the entry page that was simply unuseful, and moved some banners for technical reasons. Thank you very much for your interest in my site: after 15 months of activity, in August it scored a new hits record, doubling the previous one.

27/07/1999 - The new VBPZ is here!
Finally the new, improved and restyled version of Visual Basic Programming Zone is online. Sorry for the long waiting. I am on vacation now, so VBPZ won't be updated till mid-September. Many new cool features are to come, so stay tuned!

16/07/1999 - Freeware, freeware, freeware!
From now on Visual Basic Programming Zone will only provide free material. Because of this the number of available files has decreased, but I removed all those annoying demos and shareware.
In addition, non-freeware material will no longer be accepted.
By making this decision, I hope to offer immediate resources for programmers.

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