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2000 updates

17/12/2000 - Now you can submit files to VBPZ!
Now it is easy to send your own material and files you found on the Internet to VBPZ. Just click here and follow the instructions. Whenever someone will send a new file to the Site, he will do a courtesy to all VB programmers on the Net.

23/11/2000 - Second tutorial finally online
Finally, after two months, the second of my tutorials, Forms and message boxes is available. It really did not require all this time, but I was very busy. There is also a new OCX control in ActiveX.

29/09/2000 - About links
During this months, many of the people who sent new links to the links page, didn't add a reciprocal link in exchange on their site. Remember that adding a reciprocal link is the only thing I ask in exchange for being listed: I don't think it's so much, isn't it? So, all sites without a reciprocal link will be removed from my links page very soon.

13/09/2000 - 2nd tutorial announced
I have finally decided the topic of the second tutorial: it will deeply cover the management of forms and message boxes. I would like to say that all your suggestions were welcome and that there are a lot of tutorials in queue. The new tutoril will be hopefully available towards the end of the month.

07/09/2000 - CGI problems
Last week, due to CGI server maintence, VBPZ Gazette subscriptions and search engine were offline. They now work perfectly, sorry for this inconvenience.

20/07/2000 - VBPZ Gazette hits 100 subscribers
Today the 100th person subscribed VBPZ Gazette: it is a great result for my site and I would like to thank you all. I will be away until September and there will be new stuff and new tutorials.

10/07/2000 - Great success for Tutorial!
Launched on 17/05/2000, the first VB Tutorial (Learn Visual Basic) had a great success; statistics report that during the month of June, its five pages received 13% page views, being the top viewed pages.
After this successfull experiment, I will surely add more tutorials in September.

30/06/2000 - Geocities page closed
This site started on 13/05/1998 at Geocities (now part of Yahoo!): since November 1998 there was only a redirect page there. Today I removed that redirect page, and the following addresses are no longer valid: http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Lab/3406, http://www.geocities.com/lorenzo_dv, http://jump.to/vbprogzone.

26/06/2000 - A load of new stuff
I addedd a lot of new stuff: 2 great ActiveX controls (including a calendar control), 2 code modules, 1 new sample and 12 new tips (including an updated one). Don't miss all this! And remember to use the search engine to find exactly what you need.

16/06/2000 - Welcome back, search engine!
After a year, the site search engine is back. It has been completely re-developed by me in a new, improved, version. Try it now! There is also a "Quick Search" mini-panel on left menu.

13/06/2000 - Awards page added
There is now a new page, where I showcase all the awards won by my site. Take a look at them.

07/06/2000 - SECOND AWARD WON
My site won its second award: the "VB Top Site" award at the Visual Basic Code Center (http://vb.onweb.cx). I have decided to create an Awards page, expecting more of them :).

26/05/2000 - The new tutorial
Have you a suggestion for the next VB Tutorial?
Drop me a line to webmaster@vbprogzone.cjb.net.

17/05/2000 - TUTORIALS DEBUT on VBPZ!
As promised, I completed the first VB Tutorial: Learn Visual Basic.
It is a great beginner's course to learn VB from scratch.
Check it out in the Tutorials section and... expect many others in the future!

13/05/2000 - Happy birthday, VBPZ!
Two years ago a small site appeared on the Net ... during the 24 months of its activity, my site saw its popularity grow: thanks to you all!
Sorry there are no updates, but I'm working hard on the first VB Tutorial: it is 70% completed and hopefully will be online towards the end of the week.

16/04/2000 - New tips and, very soon, tutorials
There's a lot of new stuff in the Tips section, and added a Sample and a Tool.
Also the next update will probably include the first VB Tutorial!

20/03/2000 - Small updates
I changed the look of list pages to make it more confortable to read and to edit; also added some ActiveX, Tools and Samples.

On 5th March, Visual Basic Programming Zone was selected for the Visual Basic Web Directory Cool Site award! I'm very pleased because it is my first award. The following is their comment about this site:
Lorenzo Dalla Vecchia's site has sections for articles, tips, ActiveX, code, samples, tools, addins, and programs. He also has a links section and an email newsletter. All the available samples and downloads are completely free.

19/02/2000 - Add your link!
It is now possible to add your link on my Links page through a simple form. What are you waiting for? Add your link now!

13/02/2000 - ADDRESS CHANGE
IMPORTANT: I changed VBPZ address to http://vbprogzone.cjb.net. Although the old address will still work, please update your bookmark.

08/01/2000 - Happy new year
Hi. I've come back from Winter vacation and I wish you an happy new year.
I updated one of the links on the Links page.

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