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Current updates

17/03/2002 - Fixed
The search engine is now working properly again.

16/03/2002 - Search engine issues
There is currently a problem with the search engine database: all searches will come back with no results. I hope to fix this shortly.

15/03/2002 - Moved the Site... again!
For the second time in a few months, I had to move VBPZ again, this time because of the host imposing stupid limitations. However, I'm now hosted on Ialian InWind (national Internet and phone provider) and hopefully it should be very reliable and fast. The Forum, as well as all other services, are already up and running. I'm sorry for the long silence: now I have a lot of updates to do :).

14/02/2002 - Back from eXPerience
Auww, I'm finally back taking care of my Site. I had started installing Windows XP on 20th December and I finished 1,5 months later, after 4 installs and replacing many pieces of hardware... and not talking about incompatible software. After all this work, my system is super-stable... but it took me a lot of time!

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