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Small tips for women (in english)

Skin red in winter. Use the Calendula Officinalis cream or gel coating on the skin dry, cracked, rough, irritated.This plant solves every problem and is good for the face, hands, body and is found in specialty stores

Skin and hair more beautiful feeding yeast variety Saccharomices Cerevisiae, consisting of enzymes, minerals, amino acids, vitamins that are good for hair and skin tires

To have a bright and healthy skin must follow the variety and
balanced with foods rich in antioxidants, such as fruits and fresh vegetables,
rich in valuable vitamins and minerals.
And is advisable, however, limit fried, fatty animal foods
too rich or refined chemical additives and colorants and spirits

The carrot 
The constituents best known are enzymes, vitamin A in abundance, B,
C, provitamin A (beta-carotene) and dextrose equivalent levulose; carotenoids
and 42 healthy molecules, many minerals: iron, calcium, phosphorus, sodium,
potassium, magnesium, manganese, arsenic, sulphur, copper, bromine; asparagina, docarina and carotina. 
Properties of carrot. Mineralizant, tonic, anti anemic contains growth factors; healing of wounds and stomach, antiputrid Depurative, fluidificant biliary, diuretic, refreshing, galattogen, carminativ, vermifug.  

Very well tolerated, even suitable for this weaning children. Assisting the regulation of blood pressure, promote the lowering of cholesterol and combat constipation. They are not suitable for those suffering from colitis.Rich of potassium,few sugar and jodium.

The APPLE.Rich of minerals and vitamins Group B: B1 fights fatigue, loss of appetite, nervousness, B2 protects the mucosa of the mouth and intestinal strengthens nails and hair. The citric acid and malic which is rich help the digestive promoting digestion (especially that of carbohydrates) and help to maintain the correct acidity of stomacoLe fibers contained in the apple help to stabilize the intestinal functions. Eating raw plays an astringent, while cooked becomes a good remedy for constipation due to the action of fiber and pectin. Antioxidants (especially bioflavonoids) which is rich in contrast the action of free radicals, then also reveals a good remedy for the aging of cells. The pectin, a complex sugar content in high concentration in the skin of the apple, lowering cholesterol "bad" (LDL) and increases the "good" (HDL) if consumed regularly, making this an excellent result remedy for the disease cardiovascular. The apple also is the ideal food for those who want to lose weight (contains very few sugars and fats and satisfies long) and diabetics (fructose content in it is metabolized without having to resort to insulin and pectin keeps under control glycaemia, adjusting and slowing the absorption of sugars). Oxalic acid and fibre confer power for teeth whitening


BANANA.Bananas contain about 74% water, 23% carbohydrates, 1% proteins, 0.5% fat, and 2.6% fiber (these values vary between different banana cultivars, degree of ripeness and growing conditions). In an unripe banana the carbohydrates are mostly starches. In the process of ripenening the starches are converted to sugars; a fully ripe banana has only 1-2% starch.
Besides being a good source of energy, banana is a rich source of potassium, and hence is highly recommended for patients suffering from high blood pressure.
It is claimed that bananas have beneficial effect in the treatment of intestinal disorders, including diarrhoea (diarrhea). Bananas are unusual in that they work for constipation too. They contain mucilaginous bulking substances and are easy to digest. Other fruit which may also be good for intestinal conditions include mangoes, figs, pineapple, and papaya.


CHERRY.Properties nutritional cherries
Cherries contain a good amount of vitamin C, it takes about 500 g to satisfy the daily needs, and are also a good source of potassium.They are a particularly refreshing fruit, especially varieties more bitter, and an index of average high satiety. These characteristics associated with the fact that you can not eat very quickly because of the small size and core makes cherries very useful in snacks, when you want something to munch but we can not take too many calories.


The grape is a good energy rimineralizant, detoxification, and diuretic lassative contains mineral salts, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, whereas for 80% and' formed by water. And 'suits then, to be consumed in convalescence, anaemia in pregnancy and of breast beaten during efforts physical and psychological, can benefit in eating grapes, including those suffering from rheumatic pain, the obese, and stitic people who have the metabolism slowed. The grapes also helps keep young cells. In the market you can also find good grape juice, in addition to contain all the qualities of the fruit are a refreshing drink. Consumption of grapes are also recommended to treat menopausal nutrition, and treatment of eczema, and as a diuretic in the care of prurit.

ORANGE.The Orange juice has a chemical composition fairly consistent with that of the next table, but by the child but highlight amount of calcium (15.0 mg), phosphorus (17.0 mg), vitamin A (38.0 μ g) and vitamin C (44, or mg). Moreover, the juice is easily deteriorabile and therefore must be consumed fresh. In addition to vitamin A and C must be reported even B and P.
As with all fruits and vegetables should be consumed in the right season, and especially not kept untreated. In this way vitamins are more available and avoids eating diphenyl. This is a substance used on the surface of fruits to avoid grey rot but that is harmful to the liver, heart and nervous system.


 The properties of tomato Food ideal for the summer, rich in vitamins, potassium, phosphorus and sulphur.Rich water, low in calories, the tomato is the ideal food for the summer and for those who need to follow a hypocaloric diet. One hundred grams of tomato containing 94 water and develop only 19 calories and are rich in potassium and vitamins A and C. Almost insignificant presence of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Summer is a great thirst quencher and gastric juice helps to do their job. The tomato is rich in vitamin C (especially in that kind of gelatin that is the seeds) and beta. Diuretic and laxative contains a pigment, lycopene, which is considered an excellent anticancer agent. In varieties grown in the greenhouse nutrient content is reduced, can be cooked and eaten raw, especially in the season in which ripen naturally

LEMON.For many properties which owns lemon, is considered more a drug than a food. We note a few: antiscorbutiche, vitamin, quenching, refreshing, tonic, flavouring, digestive, antiacide (in fact, though not apparently take effect alcalinizzant) antiuricemic, astringent, hypotensive, etc. ..
Using internal influences, infectious diseases, anaemia, demineralizacion, nervousness, nausea, malaria, epidemic prevention, bleeding, diarrhea, intestinal parasites, rheumatism, loss of appetite, bronchitis, asthma, arteriosclerosis, digestions difficult, scurvy, hypotension, liver failure, headache , migraine, diabetes, gout, hyperthyroidism, kidney stones, etc. ..
Using External head colds, sinusitis, otiti, nasal bleeding, conjunctivitis, dermatitis, foruncols, capillary fragility, to heal wounds, warts, herpes, gelons, punkcije insects, wrinkles, tinea and scabies, etc. ..


Others of Medicine

RINOSINUSITE.The rinosinusite may have to complications: the majority of infections are orbitarie tie disease nose-sinus are possible then celluliti orbitarie and abscesses intraorbitari; frontal sinusitis can lead to bone osteomyelitis front and deterioration of the breast; can get to intracranial abscesses and meningitis. Coming to treatment, as often said the condition is resolved without resorting to antibiotics, which in the U.S., for example, would be prescribed in 90% of cases. However, in acute form, especially if the symptoms are quite heavy and persist beyond the 5 days, are effective as antibacterial amoxicillin with or without clavulanic acid, cephalosporins, macrolides; useful cortisonici spray. In its chronic form should begin with cortisonici topical nasal and continue treating the underlying causes, especially allergies can provide antibiotics in cases not responder or marked and persistent symptoms, and cortisonici orally in some cases. Fixed symptoms, it is important then the maintenance cortisonici inhalers. They can be useful in the acute phase also nasal spray decongestants (for a few days), as well as mucolitici, Fans, antihistamines if there is allergic symptoms, nasal washings with saline solutions, in the forms chronic spa treatments. An important role in chronic forms has finally surgery to correct the causes anatomical or complicated cases; today are frequent assistance from the paranasal sinuses by endoscopic

Gastritis associated with H. Pylori 
It is specifically localized at antral, although in some cases can have a pangastrite. H. Pylori infection is distributed worldwide, but in underdeveloped countries it is estimated that half of children under 5 years of acquiring the infection and a large part of these developments a pangastritis. In developed countries the prevalence of infection increases with age, back in 10% of the twenties and 50% of 60 y.

Within 20-30 years, the initial infection also affects the body stomach, with the possibility of degeneration metaplastica and carcinomatos. H. pylori coloniz the lair in 95% of patients and the body stomach in 50% of patients infected. The distribution of gastritis is closely linked to gastric acid secretion with high acid secretion infection remains confined nell'antro. In subjects suffering from gastritis ipocloridria tends to spread and make progress towards the atrophy, in which case you felt anorexia, maldigestione anaemia and iron or pernicious anemia due to lack of intrinsic factor that does not allow the absorption of vitamin B12.

For the eradication of the bacterium using the same drugs used to treat peptic dell'ulcera associated with H. pylori .....

COLITIS.For acute forms without fever, caused by breakdowns or food toxins, therapy is only medium (preferably drink many fluids because you rich in potassium, avoid vegetables, eating little to keep the intestine to recover, reintegrate with bacterial flora special preparations). The acute colitis generally autolimit in one or two days. If fever or abdominal pain intense and especially if the faeces assume characteristics mucus-blood are needed antibiotics with specific action on gram negative bacteria, and anaerobes (fluorochinolonici, metronidazole). For colitis from food intolerance is essential to the identification of the cause of intolerance and its elimination from the diet. the chronic inflammatory colitis (ulcerative rettocolite, Crohn's disease) using specific therapies that include association, antibiotics, mesalazina, cortisonics and even in the most serious cases, immunosuppressive therapy or surgery.

VAGINITIS. Pathogenic bacteria (usually the Gardnerella vaginalis), which almost completely replace the normal bacterial flora lactobacillare. The bacterial vaginosis bacterial represent the most common vaginal infection vulvo-of women of childbearing age. The predisposing factors for these changes in vaginal bacterial flora are numerous, such as hygiene incorrect application of diaphragms intrauterini, immune deficiency, diabetes, sexual activity with multiple partners. The most characteristic symptom of bacterial vaginosis bacterial vaginal losses are occurring abundant, smelly and greyish color; rarely may appear even itching, burning and vaginal pain in sexual relations.

Remedies against stress
We talk about managing stress not to eliminate it completely, because the stress is a feature of life.
It can act directly on intervent stressful stimuli by changing the thoughts that generate from the stressful, through psychotropic drugs (in case of suffering acute), through relaxation techniques.
The first thing to do is try to return to normal levels the internal clock. This process may take three weeks.
What to do?
Do not get in stressful conditions, even mundane. Limiting stressful situations, it never lost sight of its wealth, its will not bow to situations frustanti and minimisation of renunciation.
Begin to say no to both those who are asking is simply too when you do not want to do something. Instead of thinking according to why not? Starting to wonder why you?
Always try to choose independently, without being influenced by external pressures, we will have less regrets, grudges and therefore less stress.
Dedicarsi is just possible that something like that and really fun, without in any way feel guilty: the time is better spent precisely this that allows regenerate psychologically.
Or occasionally take a break and act with "slow": enjoying such as a food, look around while walking, etc..
Assess each situation based on what it is, not in terms of what will be later. If for example, is on leave, the better to enjoy the holiday in full rather than amareggiarsi thinking that in the meantime, perhaps it was better to do something else.
Move or skip a particular work or commitment.
Avoid thoughts like this: I have to be perfect in any situation, I can not refuse the demands of others. Ask instead thoughts like this: I I will this one step at a time, Much needs so good, Relax keep yourself calm, I saw these things worse, I can cancel the concern now.
Remember: Any change is stress. Try not to have a life sregolata.
Ask exercise three times a week from twenty minutes to two hours, this will increase the production of certain substances positive.
Avoid the use of a sedative and tranquillized: their use slows the return to the correct production of substances like serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine. If you already use these substances, we interroperne use in a gradual and under the supervision of a doctor

 The conventional treatment of alcoholism cover different types of intervention, aimed in part to eliminate the problems physical-chemical dell'etilismo, as the crisis of abstinence, partly to heal the psychological aspect of dependency through a series of individual interviews and group. The ultimate goal of most therapies is the total abstinence from alcohol, although according to some theories very controversial possible return controlled alcohol. Among the drugs that can facilitate the healing dall'alcolism there are some psychotropic drugs. It may be useful to use dell'antabuse, a preparation that produces a strong disgust for the ingestion of alcohol. The etilisti who decide to stop drinking often turn to Alcoholics Anonymous, a support group psychological and moral, but not providing clinical treatment of type.
Despite much progress made by treatments for alcoholism, estimates the number of deaths related to this type of abuse remain high. In this sense the European project action against alcoholism.


Nicotine, when it is inhaled through smoking tobacco, create physical dependence ..
The lack of nicotine may create unpleasant symptoms of abstinence: urgent need to smoke, irritability, depression, difficulty concentrating, anxiety disorders, to sleep, bad headache, weight gain, increased appetite.
The substances based nicotine offset a portion of nicotine that the body receives Smoking.
These substances relieve withdrawal symptoms and allow you to focus on social and behavioural consumption of cigarettes. In this way it becomes easier to give up smoking.
The processing of nicotine replacement, compared to a dummy treatment (placebo), doubles the chances of quitting smoking.
Quitting smoking, you avoid inhaling tar, carbon monoxide and gas irritants in cigarette smoke.

More frequently responsible for bacterial cystitis is Escherichia coli (80%), a habitual saprofita intestine, follow the Stafilococcus epidermidis (9%) and Streptococcus fecalis (1-3%); other germs aerobic flora faecal as Proteus, Klebsiella, Serratia, Pseudomonas and Enterobacter have greater importance in infections complicated by catheter or applicants
Not all women are equally affected, however, because the body has many defence mechanisms. The glicosamminoglicani, for example, prevent the accession of pathogenic bacteria in the bladder wall; non-pathogenic bacteria (Lactobacilli, gram-positive), guests of the vagina and periurethral area, preventing the growth of pathogenic strains; acidity of the environment vaginal and substances hinders the proliferation of bacteria responsible for cystitis, a renal protein (protein Tamm-Horsfall), which is found in urine, is designed to prevent bacterial adherence to the bladder wall and trap bacteria, so by eliminating substances with the issue; immunoglobulins (antibodies) specifications on the bladder wall constitute a sound barrier to colonization by the bacteria.

Treatment of constipation
The weapons to defeat constipation are nutrition, physical activity, change of habits, drugs (NdR not synthesis).
The power is certainly the first factor to be amended to combat constipation. The diet should be rich in fiber, especially of vegetables and fruit.
Replace occasionally pasta and bread-refined whole cereals (wheat and spelt in grains, wholemeal bread or bread made with flour spelt or kamut).
Consume meals without haste and especially at regular intervals, do not skip breakfast but take the time to make a breakfast and consumed in peace.
Foods rich in milk, yogurt can help, if given daily to restore the intestinal bacterial flora. -- See Bacteria autochthonous
Physical activity is a key factor. It has been shown unequivocally that those who practice physical activity go body more often than sedentary. And of course suffer less than constipation.
Physical activity should not be too bland, but at least medium intensity: not just walk 20 minutes a day should do it for one hour, or more intense practice activities for 30 minutes (swimming, cycling, running, etc.)..
The psychological aspect is often instrumental in constipation problem.

HEADACHE.The two strategies are: counter pain with analgesics or prevent it from producing the attack (in the case of migraine or cluster headache) using a class of relatively new drugs, triptans, which have the function of regulating the activities of serotonin. Even if the headache tensive you can implement a preventive way, passes through non-pharmacological means, for example programmes gymnastics antalgic or, if the origin dates back to the teeth, the corrective dell'odontoiatra.
The important thing, support specialists, is not considered unnecessary treatment and resign fatalisticamente: nobody today can cure migraine, but certainly you can also substantially improve the quality of life.

DIABETES.In a person not suffering from diabetes, insulin produced by the pancreas is distributed throughout the day according to a criterion very simple: it is produced whenever the physical demands.
In particular, we can say that it was released in a quantity called "baseline" (to allow the liver to produce glucose useful to physiological functions: brain, etc..), And in a quantity exceeding near meals.
In patients with diabetes mellitus should try to simulate the best secretion of the pancreas, from injecting insulin necessary for the exercise. The administration of insulin subcutaneously occurs through syringe and artificial insulins similar to humans.

Chronic venous insufficiency of legs.
The veins of the legs are no longer able to trace the blood to the heart for non-functioning valves. These normally prevent the blood back, but a route at a time, the push upward. Their failure fails to retain the blood flowing forward and back so ineffective leading to dilated veins (varicose veins), venous stasis, to increasing pressure to step outside of liquid veins (oedema) poor nutrition of the skin, skin lesions (ulcers, eczema, pigmentation, inflammation).