WELCOME, Dear Visitor here you'll find the authentic "Arte all'Italiana" by Aurè
to please your Eyes and Heart . . . Enjoy the Italian Lifestyle & Art !

gustati la Parodia di Montabano!

Montabano Quadroracconto

Sicilian Burlesque Arancini!!

this Summer lets dance this way!

. . . the Summer daydream !. . .
. . . enjoy!. . .

Satire Italian Style:Kim & the Missile!

the fetish Bikini for the Summer!

Trump dream the G7 in Sicily!
. . . haha . . .

-The Politics Show:Trump,
the Lion of the White House!?.

Funniest cartoon:Trump
& Melania start the voyage!

- Harem Shoes!...the trend for
Spring & Summer Fashion.

Hello,let's dance Italian Style!

hello I love you 2017!

- Italian Christmas2016 -
l'Arte del Presepe!

Hello President Donald!

Italian Shoes Collection!

- U.S.A 2016 -
the race for the white house!

The Satiric Art Italian Style!

W Miss Hula-Hoop!

the sicilian Burkini !

hello amici feticisti dei piedi!

Euro-2016:Forza Italia !

Summer Shoes:a seductive
work of Art!

Il Teatrino della Politica
e il dramma dei Migranti

U.S.A.2016-Trump or Hilary?

maybe the most Curvy Harem!

Spanking Sicilian Style:Enjoy!

the Shepherd Francis sings
Merry Christmas!

Sicilian Street Art:the Mermaid!

the Pin-up Sicilian Style:Enjoy!

The Mafia's girls in action !

Christmas hope for Migrants
-We're All in the same boat!-

Mediterranean Topless!

the Politcs Show:We're all
in the same Boat!

-Fetish Shoes for you!-

Moontanning-Tintarellla di Luna!

the Pin-up Sicilian Style...enjoy!

theE.U.boat in the thunderstorm
-Il teatrino della Politica!-

the prehistoric graffito feat.
Sicilian mermaid fishing tunas!.

the Burkini in Sicily...Wow!

the Great Sicilian Cinema!

Sicilian Male Pin-up...Enjoy!.

the Sicilian Fireworks...wow!..

il Teatrino della Politica
"We're all in the same Boat!"

the return of the Harem!?!...

Vedo Topless!...haha...Enjoy!

Il viaggio dei Migranti
verso Lampedusa.

...W la Pizza Siciliana !...

Folks,lets enjoy the Upskirt!

Happy Christmas
Lunch Folks !

The new Beauty Icon
of the Summer..Wow !

Burlesque Sicilian tranny Pinup!

Maniaco per il Pallone!
Forza Italia !

Sicilian Art & Food...Enjoy

Burlesque Male Pin-Up!

I want to Spank you !
-l'Art sicilienne de la fessèè-

Funny Satiric Art
Manifesti Elettorali

the Art in motion by Aurè!

Wanna peek?
-the seductive Art of Bondage!-

the Fetish Venus of Aurè

Dream the Summertime !

il Teatrino della Politica
"Italy is the Locomotive of E.U."

The ART-Shoes by Aurè

Art & Macarons Sicilien...Enjoy!

Ridere all Italiana-Art & Humour

Sicilian spanking...Wow!

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