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A Bug's Life

A Bug's Life theme


Arabian nights (Lyrics)

A whole new world   Friend like me   One jump   Prince Alý

Alice nel Paese delle Meraviglie

In the golden afternoon (Lyrics)

I'm late   Un birthday


Gli Aristogatti

Everybody wants to be a cat (Lyrics)

Scales and arpeggios


Little April showers (Lyrics)

Basil l'investigatopo


La Bella Addormentata nel Bosco

Once upon a dream (Lyrics)

d629.gif (13101 byte)

La Bella e la Bestia

Beauty and the beast (Lyrics)

Be our guest   Belle   Gaston   Something there   Them ob song

d537.gif (11786 byte)

Bianca e Bernie

Rescuers   Someone's waiting for you

d672.gif (23050 byte)

Biancaneve e i Sette Nani

Someday my prince will come (Lyrics)

Hiho   Whistle while you work


Bonkers theme (wav)

d552.gif (9252 byte)

La Carica dei 101

Cruella De Ville (Lyrics)

La Carica dei 102

Dalmation Plantation   Doggie

d416.gif (11868 byte)


A dream is a wish your heart makes (Lyrics)

Bipedeybobityboo   So this is love

Cip & Ciop Agenti Speciali

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers theme (Lyrics)

Darkwing Duck

Darkwing Duck theme



d313.GIF (17634 byte)

Duck Tales

Duck Tales theme (Lyrics)

d492.gif (16746 byte)


Baby mine   Casey jr.   Dumbo circus   Pink elephants on parade

Ecco Pippo!

Goof Troop theme


Chinese dance   Dance of the hours   Dance of the reed flutes

Dance of the sugar plum fairy   March

Russian dance trepek   The sorceros apprendice   Walz of the flowers

Fantasia 2000

Carnival of animals   Symphony no. 5

Le Follie dell'Imperatore

Perfect world

d981.gif (6057 byte)

Il Gobbo di Notre Dame

A guy like you   Bells of Notre Dame   Court of miracles

Out there   Someday

(It's a small world)

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