Atchinson, Topeka and Santa Fe

Diesel Roster

Last revised: 6-17-96
Originally compiled: 1994
Maintained by Gregg Fuhriman

This is a list of every diesel locomotive (and a few gas-powered) ever owned or operated by the Santa Fe Railway. Only the original as-delivered road numbers are shown; subsequent renumberings are not included for brevity. The list is grouped by builder, and sub-grouped into general locomotive type such as switcher, cab unit, 4-axle, 6-axle, etc.



BUILDER: General Motors (EMC, EMD, GMDD)
ModelOriginal Road NumberYear BuiltQuantityNotes
SC2301361reblt to SW900
SC2151-2153373reblt to SW900 by EMD
NW2350-2352373reblt to SW1200 2439-2441 by EMD
NW22353-236739,4315some reblt to SSB1200 or drones, 2404 saved
TR4A2418L-2419L50,512some reblt to SSB1200
TR4B2418A-2419A50,512some reblt to SSB1200
SW72420-24385319some reblt to SSB1200
SW900650-653674blt from SC
SW12002439-2441593blt from NW, reblt to SSB1200
boxcab1A, 1B352Super Chief units, ultimately reblt to E8Bm by EMD
FTA100L-179L, 100C-179C40-45160parts from 107C used in GP7m 99
FTB100A-179A, 100B-179B40-45160
F3A16L-36L, 16C-36C46-4942some reblt to CF7 21C repl. orig. 32A
F3B16A-36A, 16B-36B46-4942some reblt to drones or RCE cars 347B saved
F3A37L-47L, 37C-47C49,5222some reblt to CF7 42C reblt as 48A
F3B37A-47A, 37B-47B49,5222some reblt to drones or RCE cars 42B orig. blt as 32A
F7A200L-280L, 200C-280C48-53162some reblt to CF7, 347C saved
F7B200A-280A, 200B-280B48-53162
F7A300L-314L49-5315some reblt to CF7
F7B300A-314A, 300B-314B49-5330
F7A325L-344L49-5320some reblt to CF7
F7B325A-344A, 325B-340B49-5336
F9A281L-289L, 281C-289C5618some reblt to CF7
F9B281A-289A, 281B-289B5618
GP7m99541parts from FTA, reblt to GP7u
GP72650-289350-53244some reblt to GP7u or drones
GP7B2788A-2792A535four reblt to GP9u
GP9700-75156-5752some reblt to GP9u or drones
GP201100-117460-6175most reblt to GP20u or drone
GP301200-128462-6385most reblt to GP30u
GP303285631TP&W 700, reblt to GP30u
GP351300-146064-65161most reblt to GP35u
GP353462-3464653TP&W 900-902, reblt to GP35u
GP383500-35607061most reblt to GP38u
GP38-23561-357177-7811TP&W 2001-2011
GP39-23600-370574-8010650 reblt to GP39-2u
GP403461691TP&W GP40 1000, reblt to GP35u
GP60M100-1629063comfort cabs
E1A2-937-388reblt to E8Am by EMD
E1B2A-4A37-383reblt to E8Bm by EMD
E8Am80L-87L52-538blt from E1A by EMD
E8Bm80A-82A52-533blt from E1B by EMD
E8Bm83A-84A532blt from Super Chief "box" units
SD24900-97959-6080reblt to SD26
SD394000-40196920reblt to SD39u
SD401700-17196620reblt to SD40u
SDP40F511, 526, 615, 622, 628-630, 632-635, 638-640, 643-645, 64973-7418ex-Amtrak, reblt to SDF40-2
SD451800-18896690reblt to SD45u and SD45B
SD455590-562469-7035reblt to SD45u
SD45-25625-571472-7490reblt to SD45-2u and SD45-2B
F451900-19396840reblt to SDF45
FP45100-108679reblt to SDFP45
SD75M200-27595-9676251-275 have BNSF lettering

BUILDER: General Electric (GE)
ModelOriginal Road NumberYear BuiltQuantityNotes
44 ton460-46842-449
U23B6300-634870-7149one reblt to SF30B
B23-76350-641878-8469some reblt to B23-7u
DASH8-40BW500-58290-9283comfort cab
U28CG350-3596510passenger equip.
U30CG400-405686cowl hood, passenger equip.
U36C8700-879972-75100many reblt to SF30C
DASH8-40CW800-92692-93127comfort cab
DASH8-41CW927-9519325comfort cab
DASH9-44CW600-69993-94100comfort cab

BUILDER: American Locomotive Company (ALCO)
ModelOriginal Road NumberYear BuiltQuantityNotes
S22322-239142-49702381 saved
S41500-153751-53381537 to Comanche Peak Power in Twin Oakes TX, for sale 5/95
RS12385-2388474renum to 2396-99 '49, 2394 saved
RS32110501bought from TP&W, demonstrator, renum. to 2099
RSD52110-216252-5353some reblt to drones
RSD7600-6015522250 hp, demonstrators
RSD15602-61155102400 hp, high short hood
RSD15800-84959-6050some reblt to CRSD20 or drones, 9820 saved
DL11050A411cabless version of DL109
PA151C, 51L-62L, 64L-78L46-4828
PB151A-62A, 70A-73A46-4816

BUILDER: Baldwin Locomotive Works (BLW)
ModelOriginal Road NumberYear BuiltQuantityNotes
(none)2200361660hp, 6cyl, returned to BLW '40
VO1000 (early)2201-220639-406
VO10002207-225942-45532220 reblt to SWBLW
DS-4-4-750525-533499renum. to 625-633 '51
DS-4-4-10002200 (2nd), 2260-229948-49412260 saved
DT-6-6-20002600-260648-507dual 606SC engines

BUILDER: Fairbanks-Morse (FM)
ModelOriginal Road NumberYear BuiltQuantityNotes
H12-44TS541-543563543 saved
H16-442800-281951-5220renum. to 3000-3019 '52
A Erie90L, 90B472
B Erie90A471cabless version of A Erie

BUILDER: Brookville
ModelOriginal Road NumberYear BuiltQuantityNotes
TCAA(none)291model AA truck engine

BUILDER: Davenport
ModelOriginal Road NumberYear BuiltQuantityNotes

BUILDER: Morrison-Knudson (MK)
ModelOriginal Road NumberYear BuiltQuantityNotes
MK1200G1200-1201942liquified natural gas fuel

BUILDER: Plymouth
ModelOriginal Road NumberYear BuiltQuantityNotes
JLB230124" guage

BUILDER: Whitcomb
ModelOriginal Road NumberYear BuiltQuantityNotes
18-GM-61,446,49224" guage, 4 renum. to 2 '55
44-ton400411renumbered to 451 '50

Santa Fe rebuilds
ModelRebuilt Road NumberYear RebltQuantityNotes
drone, 4 axle101-1147214blt from F3, F7
drone, 4 axle101-109 (2nd)81-839blt from GP7, GP9, GP20
drone, 4 axle115-121, 123-12573-8110blt from GP7, GP9, NW2, F7
drone, 6 axle126-12979-804blt from UP SD24B
drone, 6 axle140-14471-725blt from RSD5
drone, 6 axle140 (2nd)861blt from N&W (ex-IT) SD39
drone, 6 axle141 (2nd)871blt from SD40
drone, 6 axle142 (2nd)871blt from SD40-2
drone, 6 axle143-144 (2nd)87-882blt from SP U33C
drone, 6 axle145-146762blt from RSD15
drone, 6 axle145 (2nd)861blt from SP SD39
drone, 6 axle146 (2nd)861blt from SP SD45
SSB12001215-1217, 1220-124573-7929blt from NW2, TR4, SW9, SW1200
SWBLW1460701blt from VO1000 #2220
(none)1A371cabless, blt from #1B "box" unit
(none)1,10382blt from #1,1A "box" units, high-cab, pug-nose, 1B-1B config
(none)1A (again)411cabless, blt from pug-nose #10
(none)2611481transfer switcher, blt from #1A
CF72417-264970-78233blt from F3A, F7A, F9A
GP7u1310-1329, 2000-2027, 2050-224373-81241blt from GP7
GP9u2244-229979-8056blt from GP9 and GP7B
GP20u3000-307477-8175blt from GP20
GP30u2700-2705, 2707-2729, 2731-2748, 2750-2757, 2759-2760, 2762-2765, 2767-278580-8480blt from GP30
GP35u2801-2816, 2818-2819, 2821-2894, 2896-2949, 2951-296478-85158blt from GP35, GP40
GP38u2300-2322, 2324-2351, 2353-236084-8559blt from GP38
GP39-2u3400-34498750blt from GP39-2
SF30B7200871blt from U23B
B23-7u7201-721688-8915blt from B23-7
SD264600-467973-7880blt from SD24
SD39u1556-157585-8620blt from SD39
SD40u5000-501980-8120blt from SD40
SDF40-25250-52678518blt from ex-Amtrak SDP40F
SD45u5300-540480-8584blt from SD45
SD45u5426-543780-8212blt from SD45
SD45u5496-549980-814blt with Sulzer diesel from SD45
SD45u5405-5408854blt from Sulzer-pwr'ed SD45's
SD45B5501-5502832blt from SD45's 5581 & 5523
SD45B5502 (2nd)861blt from SD45u 5340
SD45-2u5800-58688769blt from SD45-2, 5855 Cat. eng.
SD45-2B5510-5517878blt from SD45-2
SDF455950-598982-8340blt from F45
SDFP455990-5993, 5995-599880-828blt from FP45
SF30C9500-956986-8770blt from U36C
CRSD201300-130274-763blt from RSD15


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