Amici di Verdi

Amici di Verdi means "Friends of Verdi" and it's a society based in London formed by opera lovers in general, but, more specifically, by Giuseppe Verdi fans. They help young singers and organize meetings, lectures, musical trips to Italy and they do a lot to get Verdi's fans connected with other people who share their same passion for this great composer.

While I was living in London, for example, I went to see a Pavarotti's masterclass organized by the Amici di Verdi. There were four young singers and he gave them this long lesson without asking for any money. I was among the audience in the theatre and, at the end I even had a chance to ask a question to Big Luciano in front of everybody. It was weird to speak to the only italian in that theatre (apart from me...) in english! And it was even stranger the sensation of having Pavarotti answering my question looking at was like the television was talking to me! It was overall an excellent masterclass very useful for all the singers who were there.

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For the BEST information about Verdi on the web you should contact the Verdi page on the Opera Glass web site. There is a lot of very interesting material about our favourite composer


If you like Giuseppe Verdi, I recommend a subscription to the "Amici di Verdi of London". You can contact the secretary by mail or e-mail and he will tell you how to subscribe. You will receive newsletters by mail with interesting informations regarding Verdi and the society.

Write to: Reg Suter, 2 Rutland Avenue, Sidcup, Kent DA15 9DZ England

or send an e-mail:

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