by Franco Milani (e-mail: franco "at" )

Welcome, you can download here some programs of mine. The following links are updated with the latest versions, so please if a site does not work try another:


MPC executable for Linux on the  mpc page
Calculator which can evaluate interactively with selectable precision (10-295 digits) expressions and functions containing arithmetic and bitwise operations, powers, square roots, exponentials, logarithms, trigonometric and hyperbolic functions direct and inverse, factorials, normal probability integral direct and inverse and other usual functions. The program is equipped with user-definable functions and constants. It can also factorize integers of up to 50 figures and find primes greater or smaller than selected numbers.
PF executables for Linux, Dos and Windows on the  pf page
Program to factorize and find divisors, primes, twin prime pairs, powers of 2, squares, Carmichael numbers and composite pseudoprimes. It can handle natural numbers of up to 50 figures. The results may be saved into files.
VRB executables for Linux, FreeBSD, Dos and Windows on the  vrb page
This program can conjugate 14238 italian verbs, i.e. almost all of them, including defective, irregular and reflexive verbs. Entering an infinitive, it displays the simple and composite tenses of the moods.
ALINA executables for Linux and Windows on the Alina page in  english or in  italian
Intelligent entity for natural language processing, with a virtual personality and able to dialogue in italian. The user communicates by the keyboard, Alina understands and replies on the screen.


mpcalc unit v. 7.4 in plain pascal supporting up to 5000 digits (for fpc):
Unit to perform calculations with real numbers and selectable precision from 10 to 5000 digits. The most usual operations and functions are implemented: arithmetic and bitwise operators, comparison functions, exponential, natural and base 10 logarithm, trigonometric and hyperbolic functions direct and inverse and other elementary functions, error function and its inverse.
bigint units v. 1.8:
Package containing procedures and functions, mostly in assembler i386, to implement and handle big integers and to check their primality and the primality of longwords and qwords. Includes a demo which tries to factorize by using Williams' p+1 and Pollard's rho methods.
stat unit v. 1.0:
Unit containing some functions useful in probability and statistics and their inverses, calculated by extended real numbers with a good precision by means of the routines of the Cephes Mathematical Library made by Stephen L. Moshier: gamma function and the natural logarithm of gamma, incomplete gamma function and its complementary, incomplete beta integral, error function and its complementary, cumulative probabilities of the standard normal distribution and the chi-square cumulative probability.
plar unit v. 1.4d TP7 compatible:
plar unit v. 1.4l  for FPC:
Units which calculates the heliocentric ecliptic coordinates J2000 of earth and planets, the earth velocity components and the geocentric position of the moon at given TDB Julian dates. They use the Moshier's plan404 coefficients and for the earth the vsop87 data. An enclosed file contains the computed deviations from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's DE404 and DE405 ephemeris. Plard14 is TP7 compatible and reads the coefficients from a file. Plarl14 is for FPC and includes all the coefficients as internal constants.
gsun unit v. 1.0:
Unit to calculate with high precision the geocentric rectangular equatorial coordinates of the Sun from 1981 to 2140. The computed deviations from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's DE405 ephemeris are always smaller than 10 meters.
DES units v. 1.5:
This package contains some units concerning the Data Encryption Standard algorithm: desecb.pas, written in assembler, encodes/decodes in fast mode 8 byte blocks and may be used to encrypt/decrypt files; descrp.pas is the old version and contains similar routines but written in pascal; slcrypt.pas (quite fast) and fscrypt.pas (very fast) encrypt passwords in the Unix passwd format. The package contains also two programs which test the units.

The units can be compiled by the Free Pascal Compiler made by Florian Klaempfl and FPC Developer's Team.
Comments, suggestions and bug reports are welcome, send them to one of my e-mail addresses.