This is a preliminary page showing a tiny RTX for 20m that is built using almost only digital ICs.
A proper description of this homebrew transceiver will be published, some day. I have had one successfull QSO I<->HA on 20m using a 2.8m long center-loaded vertical antenna on my balcony, and another with EO1I during a major CW contest. Estimated output power is 100mW.

Wild Che schematic diagram
(click for a larger -200kbytes- version)

Power Increase mod

VXO + XIT mod

Further development of this tiny but performant rig led me to add a VXO with automatic XIT. The circuit surrounding the first NOT gate shown above has been changed into this:

With the modification shown above I achieved approx 14052 to 14061 kHz frequency agility, with an almost constant 700-1000Hz XIT shift over the entire tuning range.

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