I accidentally had to use a Nokia 3210 GSM phone, and wanted to take the chance to personalise my ringtone to the ultimate level. :-) So, being a HAM, what would suit better my ringtone more than a "CQ" ?

Unfortunately I haven't been able yet to make a 1:3 weight for the dot and the dash, but it is 1:4.

Do you want your CQ as well? Just go into the ringtone composer of your Nokia and find your way to get on the phone display what follows:

4f2 16- 16f2 16-
4f2 16- 16f2 8-
16- 4f2 16- 4f2
16- 16f2 16- 4f2

Set the tempo to your favourite CW speed; I chose 160 b/m. Save the tone and wait for the next call!

A little explaination on the Nokia coding. You can represent musical notes and pauses. The format is NumberL Letter[#] NumberT for letters, and NumberL - for pauses.
NumberL represents the length of the symbol (letter or note), whilst the actual note is represented by the Letter (cdefgab). NumberT represents the note pitch (frequency).

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