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The software provided here is freeware/shareware for amateur radio use. This collection is intended to provide Baycom modem like owners some software to operate TCP/IP over the radio waves.
The software is provided "as is", and I take no responbility for any damage it may cause to your system. Anyway it has been tested for known viruses and used for years.
IMPORTANT: This software requires a 8086+ processor, 640k RAM, *PURE* DOS operating system (NO Windows allowed!), some knowledge on HAM TCP/IP'ing.
  • BAYNOS.EXE: a self-extracting archive that will install on your system ALL the necessary software and subdirectories for an almost plug and play TCP/IP software with baycom like modems. Download the file and run it from the root directory of a disk (i.e. C:\). Then read the README.TXT file extracted to the disk:\NOS directory and edit the listed files. Please refer to a local HAM already involved in TCP/IP for a better configuration. To run the system type GONOS from the disk:\NOS directory.
  • AX25DRV.ZIP: this ZIP file contains a fully functional packet driver for use with NOS and serial modems. It is necessary for using a Baycom like modem and NOS for TCP/IP program.
    NOTE: parts of this archive are already included into the BAYNOS.EXE package.
  • SB4TNC.ZIP: this ZIP file contains a series of drivers that allow you to run your SoundBlaster compatible sound card as a packet modem.
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