HAM Holiday, a proposal

Last update: 8-Feb-2003

Holiday proposal by Paolo, IK1ZYW on Rab island (IOTA EU-136), Croatia (9A), Europe: I can directly book an apartment for 4/5 persons, or a double room.
This location is not for HAM operations from the flat, altought apartment owners are flexible enough to allow the installation of a vertical antenna attached at the balcony fence. There is no room for dipoles. On the other hand Rab island offers several interesting spots for /P and /MM operation, as well as proximity to smaller islands.

Croatia, 9A, has signed the CEPT agreement, therefore all licensed HAMs from CEPT licenses can operate from Croatia as 9A/their-home-callsign. I do not provide information on HAM licensing, introducing equipment in Croatia, IOTA, CIA as well as equipment itself, or anything else you might need to operate from Rab.

Electricity in Croatia is 220V AC, 50 Hz. Most common electric plugs have the same shape of those adopted in Germany (circular, with two thick pins and ground connection on the sides of the cone).

Rates and details for the flat follow. Year 2002.

july & august
25/5 - 30/6 & september
may & october
Apartment (A4, ***) 52.50 €/day 42.50 €/day 37.50 €/day
Extra bed 5 €/day 5 €/day 5 €/day

Sejour tax 1/1 - 31/3 & 1/11 - 31/12 1/4 - 15/6 & 16/9 - 31/10 16/6 - 15/9
€/person/day 0.60 0.80 1

Deposit: 10%. Payement: in HRK or EUR to the owner.

Description. First (and last) floor top quality apartment (3 stars out of 3). Two rooms with king-size bed; small kitchen with living room; large bathroom; entrance; balcony. Extra bed in one of the rooms. Sheets included. Free and private car park. Quiet location in the village of Rab, on Rab island, located 5 minutes on foot from shops, 7 minutes from historical center, 1 minute from piers for small boats.

Currently booked for: no info available.For further info and booking please contact me at my_callsign at yahoo dot com.

Please note: these are the standard rates defined by tourist agencies on the island. I am not earning anything if I send someone. Apartment owners are family members whose main business is tourism. I know their place and I like it, so should you: this is why I built this page.

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