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What is this list

Dear Internet traveller,
this is a (probably incomplete) list of what you should bring with you when you travel for several days. I made this list (the "male" version) before leaving for Sweden in August 1996, and it helped not to forget anything at home. So I thought it could be useful for the whole Internet community too. It should list everything that youngsters need when travelling, but please take the time to think if YOU need something more !!
How to use it

First step: print it. It's better you don't play with your computer when packing... Read the list and draw a line on those items you don't need in the upcoming travel.
Second step: keep the list handy when you are packing your baggage: start reading the list line by line and pack each item. Once it's packed or ready to be packed check the box on the item's left side.
Go on to the next line on the list and repeat the step 2 until every item you need is checked.
Here comes the list:

Thanks for their comments/suggestions go to:
Dario L.
Susanna T.
Michelle OB.

Please send any comment, suggestion and addition to ik1zyw (at) yahoo dot com.

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