Aquila - Giaveno - Torino - Italy

Where: ascent towards Punta dell'Aquila, above Giaveno, Torino. JN35PA/JN35OA, above 1600 masl.


Bands used: VHF 2.5W. UHF 2.5W

Antenna: VHF 4 el. short yagi by DK7ZB. VHF 5 el. yagi by DK7ZB. UHF 17 el. quagi

Open to: from N-NE to S-SE through E. The rest obstructed by taller mountains.

DX: VHF 790km (Summer). UHF 330 km (Autumn).

Facilities: none. You need to bring all the equipment to erect the antenna. At the Alpe Adria 2006 location there are some metallic poles that can be used as antenna mast.

Comments: very good location when France/Spain/Germany are not in the target QSO area. Easy to reach by car and 30-45 minutes walk.
Many flies around in Summer, so forget shorts and T-shirts!

GSM coverage: totally unreliable.

Lower location.

Alpe Adria 2006 location.

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