Dragon Bane Holy Avenger  "SEVERIUS"


Spada Sacra di Faramir Brightblade



Paladin character: +2 to hit +5 to damage

This long sword does 1d8 vs. small/medium and 1d12 vs. large creatures, 1d20 vs. dragons, has an INT of 21 and en Ego of 6.       

                                                                                                Sword                     Strength                Total

To hit bonuses                                                                     +2                            +2                            +4

To damage bonuses                                                            +5                            +5                            +10

Damage small/medium                                                         D8+10

Damage large                                                                        D12+10

Damage Evil Dragons                                                   D20+10                                                                                              

  Triple sword damage vs  evil dragons (x3)

  Quatruple sword damage vs chaotic evil dragons (x4)

  The sword also has the effect of increasing the protection the user gains against evil dragon breath. +2 to save and half damage vs all forms of dragon breath.

  + 30% loyalty/morale of followers when confronting dragons.

  Immune to the fear effects (10ft radius) generated by dragons.

  + 1 to initiative when dealing with dragons.


NOTE:   All powers require the wielder to hold the sword and concentrate for one whole round. (The effect of the power begins two segments after the initiative and the wielder must concentrate until the end of the round, no combat can be initiated until the next round.


Saves as wielder - This sword is highly tuned to its wielder in such a way that if the sword is attacked by any force it will save vs that effect as would the wielder with any appropriate bonuses

Dispel Magic - 5ft radius at level of Sword wielder. This globe automatically cancels any spells cast upon the wielder by him/her self. All potions within area of effect are destroyed. The Dispel magic will NOT effect scrolls,rings,rod/staff or wands,misc,weapons or armour. See clerical spell 3rd level

Magic Resistance - 50% magic resistance is gained by the wielder (This can be adjusted by spells cast by magic users of higher/lower than 12th level by 5%) A creature casts spells at 20th level the effective MR is reduced to 10% while against a wand of mmissiles the effective MR would be 95%.

Detect LAW - This effect when used will detect if an item/person one at a time (of greater 12th level) is of Lawful alignment. This does not mean that chaotics or neutrals can be detected. ONLY lawfull's Yes or No.

Contact Asgargian servant - The sword will allow the Paladin to contact one of Tir's aids/servants once per month. (From the PRIME or ASGARDIAN Planes ONLY) While in contact 1 question will be answered as accurately as possible for the contactee. Favours are NOT granted and remember that most beings are NOT omniscient most of the information gathered would be the same/similar to a legend lore.

Detect Location - Similar power to an arrow of direction. Can be used only 5 times per day to point to STATIC fixed objects. (Stairs up/down, Altars, Treasure rooms) This will NOT point to individual items or persons. To use this power the wielder must close eyes and turn in a circle holding the sword in front. At the end of the round s/he will be facing in the correct direction.

Resist Disintegration - The sword is totally resistant to the magical/psyonic attacks of disintegration or molecular re-arrangement/manipulation.

Strength/Humility - The sword forces the wielders physical strength to 18/99% (+2 to hit +5 to damage) while wielding the sword in combat. These can still be used with other weapons and activities but NOT while wielding this sword (girdles, gauntlets and potions drank a long, long time ago, Sword handling ability, etc.).



The holy avenger is one of the few magic items that does not loose its powers (pluses) when traveling to the inner planes. However it may become more/less powerful in outer planes (It is up to the DM's discretion what happens when the sword enters an Alternative Prime).

The sword will not allow the wielder to fight with a second weapon in another hand however a shield may be carried. The sword will cause the second weapon to always miss.


NOTE:   The sword is very-intelligent and has complete control over its own powers. If the sword feels that the paladin wielding it is not living up to his/her duties or begins to use other weapons rather than draw it in combat then it will withdraw immediately its powers and become a normal +2 long sword. (Because the sword is so attuned to TIR this may also begin to effect the paladins abilities:  cast spells, lay-on hands, cure decease, etc, etc) These effects will stay and/or accumulate until an atonement spell is cast by a cleric of the same faith as the sword and the Paladin has asked for confession and completed a quest.