Words as salse, maccalube, salinelle mean the hidroclays emission in the Paterṇ and Belpasso town council. We can suppose that such as phenomena link up the Etna activity with the last markes of a remote vulcanic activity actually rappresented by the Paterṇ’s vulcan.  The superficial emission arise from phisicist phenomena (conduction and convection) relating depht  table-water warmed by a magma intrusion in a cooling phase. The decrement of density (caused by heating and by the addition of magma origined volatiles) and the pression of the overhanging impermeable thickness support water-bearing to go up again along structural and stratigraphic discontinuity. Physical (low temperatur) and chemical (high salinity) caracteristics of waters make us suppose there can be depht water circuits very long and slow as well as dilutions with cold superficial-low saline tenor water-tables. Clays sediments, eroded during fluid go up again and ammassing on the surface, produced a lot of mud vulcans of different size yielding a very suggestive appearance to the territory.

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