Katia Lianne Corriveau
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Far away dream
A star in distance
appears like the dawn
in the candid midday of the day,
and illuminates and blinds
with sweet force of passion
who capture in the own eyes
your carved nectar image.
Far star, beautiful meteor
you heat the mind and the heart
and as one flowing comet
orbit like a dream far away.
Sweet girl, woman ace
shine to me still sensual
and exalts every hour, every moment.

I, the Web, and Katia | Biography | Card

I, the Web, and Katia
The one which renders difficult to discover new personages of the world of the show is the deficiency of such events to exalt of the popularity. As an example we must to the mobile telephony the merit have uncovered, in Italy, Megan Gale, Gaia Bermani Amaral and Kasia Smutniak and by now it is outside doubt that the advertising means (loved or hated that it is) are between the more expresses and guaranteed springboards of launch of the popularity of many vip. Because, although they have at this point taken to foot in our "boot" pay-tv and the issuing satellitars, the traditional television away ether remains the most immediate window on the world, prerogative that concur them to impose a sure "made truth" from several the colors of the report and from the multiple shapes assumed from the entertainment, word that says all and nothing (in the sense that includes a lot but leaves very little fruits useful).
Thanks Heaven, in parallel with the invasion of the tv to payment and the Eminflex mattresses, new window on the world, mainly composed of resources put to disposition from public or private personalities is being developed one, than for less it has resolved (at least in my case) the old problem to succeed to contact a famous personage... I am referring, with clear evidence, to Internet, a dimension towards which I was much skeptic in departure, but that I have learned "to train" excluding, progressively, those that were the causes, founded or less, of my prejudgments.
Is be during one of my multiforms navigations (let see "
Credits") that my attention has intercrossed the existence of the protagonist of this situated one, a personage who sure does not leave indifferent, on which it burdens a sure aura mystery, since the world of" gossip "the Italian one does not lend the minimal attention to personages of exclusive relevance of the Web.

Biography (translated by Gas and Midg)
The Internet is the preferred resource for news and images relating to Katia Corriveau. Until now Italian television and printed media has ignored Katia. Internet searches for pictures of Katia are quite resourceful, however, when it comes to finding news and information about Katia, the only sites you usually find are pages with a small amount of reduced-size pictures and any sites that feature any kind of information relating to Katia or her career is always out of date and no longer updated.
We begin in 1999, when Katia completed her studies at the Mayfield Secondary School in Brampton, Ontario (source: Unofficiallykatia), although she would apparently be more interested in a cookery course (s.: purelymag.com). Katia participated in the "Venus Swimwear International Model Search", which takes place every September in Florida. Katia was awarded with the second runner-up prize alongside Damaris Pares (first runner-up) and Ronnie Bueche (winner) (s.: pageant.com), although she did not actually win this competition she did accumulate a total of 5 separate modelling contracts adding up to an amount of $10,500 (s.: venusmodelsearch.com). One of the previously mentioned contracts comprised of a series of photographic services for "Mystique Magazine", the first one dated October 1999 (s.: babes.net). The next chapter of Katia's bio jumps to March 2000 when she came in second at the "Swimsuit International Magazine Model Search Finals" in the Virgin Islands, she lost out to Lisa Gleave (who also models for Mystique Magazine), and however she is still to adjudicate itself, together to Amy Hayes, a mega contracted from $ 15,000 like most photogenic contender (s.: pageant.com, where it is marked that Katia is original of Toronto, Ontario)! Katia then became a Playboy "Cybergirl Of The Week" from 26th February to 4th March 2001 and subsequently voted for as a "Cybergirl Of The Month" for June 2001. Katia is also currently under contract with an agency called ModelsOnline.ca, who has links with Katia's original official website "AllKatia.com". ModelsOnline publish fashionable photographs and features an online store where you can purchase merchandise. Some debatable sources imply that Katia may (or possibly has done) make an attempt at a career in the hardcore industry, but her official denial (s.: dodophoto.com) puts such ludicrous claims to rest. These claims are nothing but mere speculation and are obviously complete crap. Some sites claim to contain such material but only make it available after payment, earning unethical webmasters quite a substantial income, however, the only material you'll find is nothing but the typical softcore material you'll find in glamour shoots.
Katia is now opting to leave behind the world of glamour to pursue an acting career and has appeared in a number of small roles in movies and TV. Personally, I believe I caught a glimpse of her in "Breakfast With Einstein" by Greg Shapiro, also starring Priscilla Presley (transmitted from Raiuno 16th March 2002, to the 18,30). Katia has also appeared in the following films (s.: IMDb): "Naked City: Justice with a Bullet" e "Naked City: A Killer Christmas" (1998), two violent police ones of Jeff Freilich with protagonist Scott Glenn ("Silverado", "The silence of the lambs"), where she plays the character Katarina. For TV, she appeared in the pilot episode of "Odyssey 5" (2002) by David Carson featuring the original Robocop... Peter Weller, Katia portrayed a prostitute in this episode. On episode 209 ("Body And Soul") of the science fiction show "Mutant X", alongside John Shea and Victoria Pratt. Katia plays the character Kelly, a women who possesses superhuman powers. Katia has also appeared in a music video for Canadian rock band "Not By choice", the song being "Standing all alone".
While waiting for offers of leading roles, Katia continues to model and she "consoles herself" with sports, being a big fan of hockey and golf, playing some rounds in her spare time.
After some time she has broken every work, now is return in spring 2004.

Perhaps the modest news amount leaves space the imaginary collective (and at the same time it characterizes her), allowing the fans more "far" than Katia to next recognize in her the girl of next door, the (well grown...) desk friend of gramm school... in three words, an pleasant myth. Surveyings that have been in a position to leading till now carry to "few" reliable news following:

It's in my intentions to enrich this page with how many more possible information, but has been revealed unluckly to contact on mail the model's agencies connected to the Katia's name. Anyone had news, unquestionablement GROUNDED and accompanies with the signalling of the source (paper review, Internet site), can make them me to reach with e-mail: he will receive public thanks in these pages.
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