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Last Update on November 4th 2001 - This site is completely frame-free
"Nobody can escape 10 significant decimal digits..." (A.B.)

W elcome web wanderer. You've just reached Dark Star Resort.
I don't know where you're coming from, don't know where you are going to, but I hope you'll enjoy staying here for a WWW-minute...

T his site is named after the movie Dark Star, by John Carpenter.
If you want to know some more about this irresistible example of Sci-Fi mockery, click below.
Features: movie plot, movie pics, "Twilight fall on NGC-891" in MP3, Dark Star spaceship paper model, Bomb#20 dialog
(even in Italian and German)

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I love music, almost any kind.
If you interested in taking a look at my current CD collection click below.
(any suggestion about future purchase?)

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R ecently, I discovered the glowing red world of Ray Tracing. No, not the actor... the computer graphic technique.
Would you like to know how to have fun with it? Click below.

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R indows occupies a small partition of my heart now. Linux is fun!
Maybe you'll enjoy my latest production written in tcl/tk: tkwget.

Latest tkwget release is v0.3

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Y ou can leave some clues of your passage at Dark Star resort signing my guest book, or you can simply read it, to see who preceded you in this visit.

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E-mail(remove the _junk_ before use):seaan_junk@junk_inwind.it

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