Localizing a saver is an easy task, no programming skill is needed.

The steps to do a localization are:

  1. check out if the saver already has some loclaization
    1. if the answer is NO, then e-mail me.
    2. if the answer is YES, then continue reading, it's easy.
  2. Translate the readme file
  3. Search in the sources directory (sources are always included) for a file named "Localizable.strings". Each saver has more than one "Localizable.strings" file, each one it's in a folder named "some_language.lproj".
  4. Open it with a text editor.
  5. In the file there are the localizabe strings (sound obvious, uh ?) organized as follows: a string to be localized, space, equal, space, the translated string, a semicolon. One string per line. Translate them all. Special characters (usually "%d" or similar) will be substituted by numbers in the prefs panel, so take care of the right placement of them.
  6. e-mail me the translated files (readme and localizable.strings).

Don't forget to tell me what's the language you're translating onto, I can't guess it !!!

Non-roman alphabets (Japanese, Arabic, Russian, etc.) shouldn't be a problem, but I'm not sure, so be prepared to review the resulting saver. Be prepared in any case, since usually I can't double check the results since I haven't installed on my Mac all languages.

I'm waiting for your translations, the more the better, so do it and send ;-{))

BTW, don't forget to add yourself to the "thanks" section of readme file...