Hey, I thought that all this stuff was free !!

Yes, it is, and, NO, it ISN'T ! It mainly depends on YOU.

Long time ago (about two years) all this stuff was shareware, to be paid via Kagi. Now, two years later, I can affirm that the total revenue form the shareware fees is so small that it's... useless !!
Pretty interesting: useless software generates useless revenues.
BTW; this is also due to the Kagi's transaction fees, that's convenient only for normal transactions (20$ up), not for very small ones.

So, I decided to switch the software license from "it's shareware without limitation, but you have to pay for it via Kagi" to "it's shareware without limitation, and you have to figure out how to pay".

Here are some hints (in strictly random order) about what you can send:
note: my snail mail address is at the bottom of this page.

A special note has to be done about CD and books. Amazon hasn't an italian store, so I have some problems with their "gift certificate", as I can't use them on amazon.fr or amazon.de. Italians Amazon-like stores have some gift-like methods, however their "minimum" gift (about 10$) is higher than the original shareware fee, so...

Anyway, if you think that my work should be, in some way, rewarded, fix yourself the fee and do something. BTW, this method add a special gift to each "shareware fee": the surprise. I bet you know what I mean.

End note: my snail mail address:

T. Pecorella
via del Pergolino 8/A
50139 Firenze

TNX you !