EZY RIDER : since 1994  from Ravenna, Emilia Romagna, Italy, Earth planet (Third stone from the sun ... ).
Nowaday the components are :
“Brak “ Bruno Rosetti      - Guitar
Gabriele Liverani             - Bass and  Vocals
“Smec” Settimio Garavini  - Drums

EZY RIDER : is the name of a song wrote by Jimi  Hendrix in 1969.
One of the things we are proud about us is ... the age :
Brak (guitar) and Smec (drums) was born in 1950 and Gabriele (bass and vocals) was born in 1963.
Since 1994 we play in a lot of live events, both in the neighbourhood than in other places in Italy.
“On the road” we had the pleasure to meet some persons of the Jimi Hendrix's history :
Noel Redding (ex Jimi's bass-player in his first band “The Experience”);
Buddy Miles (ex Jimi's drummer in his second band “Band of Gypsys”);
Randy Hansen, from Seattle USA, the only real Jimi Hendrix clone;
Caesar Gleebbek, the most important J.H. biograph in the world;
More Experience, from Switzerland the better Jimi Hendrix Tribute Band in the world.
EZY RIDER :  we are not a pro-band, so we don't play for commercial poupouse.
Our "power point" are experience and enthusiasm; we only pay homage to Jimi's memory with HIS music.
We'r OK with ENPALS (italian regulament about author's credits).

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