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Marco Bessone ...about me...

  • I was born in 1964. I attended scientific hi-school and qualified in 1982. Graduated in Law in 1990, I work as a lawyer in civil-law. I discovered Bossanova and brazilian music in general on december 1996. It's been a love-at-first-sight! I play guitar (and other instruments) since when I was a child. My main interests are: music (mostly brasilian music, jazz, jazz-rock & fusion), travelling and approaching new cultures and countries, studing & playing guitar, cooking and reading.

    Di Giorgio, Autor n° 3 - 1972
    Di Giorgio, Tąrrega - 2000
    Di Giorgio, Cląssico n° 28 - 1965
    Som d'Ouro, Brasģlia - 1977
    Di Giorgio, Cląssico n° 28 - 1976
    Washburn, J6 - 1986

    Mail me E mail: Bossanovaguitar.net

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