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Di Giorgio If you are interested in buying a "Di Giorgio" guitar, if you wish to taste the feeling of holding in your hands and playing one of the Violões of this famous brand, you are in the right place.

It's very hard to find in Europe a "Di Giorgio" guitar. You need patience and good luck, as there is no an official import-service for these instruments. And it's much more difficult to find a "vintage" model, I mean a model that is at least 20 years old or more (built in the 70's or early 80's), or even built in the 60's, like my Di Giorgio Mod. Cląssico n° 28 or my Di Giorgio Mod. Estudante n° 18.

If you're going to buy a "Di Giorgio" guitar, you have to consider that its price is determined by a huge number of elements as:

1) the tradition of the brand "Di Giorgio"
2) the musical-cultural meaning of this brand
3) the sophisticated manifacture of the instruments
4) the utilization of particular woods typical of Brazil that determine
5) a warm and soft sound of these guitars
6) the kind of chosen model
7) the year of production
8) the general condition of the instruments (if it's "vintage")
9) the presence of original parts (machine head, bridge, frets, inner label, etc..)
10) the presence of particular details (personal details requested by the purchaser)
11) the rarity of these instruments in Europe
12) the difficulties in finding this guitars
13) the cost of the delivery from Brazil, taxes, fees and what else (consider that shipping cost from Brazil to Europe is about 150 - 300 euro, according to the requested international courier and that the custom-fees and taxes, are more or less the 40% of the value of the instrument).

If you wish to have an indication about the value of these guitars, you can download the document Di Giorgio's guitar quotation (excel .xls format).

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