Voltage regulator

for non-standard values
with LP2951

LP2951 is a low-current (100mA) voltage regulator that I found in an old computer motherboard. Through two external resistors this device allows to set the output voltage at the needed value. It behaves like a more known 78L05/06/08/... but it is meant for custom regulated voltage.

A search on a good search engine will lead to the datasheet.

I used an LP2951 as voltage regulator in my QRSS QRPp beacon, in order to split PA supply (7805 + green LED + 1N4148 for a total of 7.6V) from canned oscillator's (4.21V out of this circuit).
The stand-by current (no load attached) is just 100µA. I used a chip in SOIC package, but given the limited number of pins connected I could safely solder it with a small magnifying lens and 30W iron.

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by Paolo Cravero IK1ZYW - April.2005

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