Me, my FT290 and my Moxon Rectangle in JN35ME; 07/2003

Welcome to the virtual home of
Paolo Cravero (IK1ZYW)

>>> External DISPLAY/KNOB/KEYPAD for FT-817(ND)<<<

Quick link: Come ricevere i modi lenti e procedura di allineamento dell'RX

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Blog: Progetto 28322
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Briefly, who am I?
I hold a M.Sc inTelecommunications Engineering and I am from Torino, Italy. I was born in 1974. I like life, travelling, linux, radio-amateur, electronics, and love my wife and two daughters. In this website I try to collect and share my experiences. If you need to contact me, please decode and write to the following address: ik1zyw at yahoo! dottie com.

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