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Last revised on 22 Jun 2011

I could get hold of some PC monitors, either broken or not. Since some electronic parts can be hard to find in shops nowadays (toroids, transformers, power resistors, ...), I always unsolder useful components from any electronic device whose destination is the trash can.
Let's see what a bulk 15 inches PC monitor can provide... Furher electronic devices were dismantled afterwards, so they were added here.

Here is part 2 of this sequel :-)
A VCR is another video-related device, so you shouldn't expect to find many different components, if compared with a monitor.

Disassembling a CD-ROM drive is a thrilling experience. I had 4, all with a different problem, all non-working, all pretty old (max was 4x).

There might be more useful stuff inside, but it's all SMD...

Why someone would ever want to disassemble a laptop?! That's right. I first tried to repair it :-) It's always a valuable piece of hardware afterall!

All the rest is SMD, even on older laptops (i386). I found some LEDs and collected a lot of screws :-)

Computer motherboards are starting to be cheap and readily available. Not much can be scrounged from them, mainly digital components, and you certainly need a good method to desolder SMD components (or solder points on both sides of the PCB)

A Smard Card Reader is not a common device you might find in the trash can down the corner, and offers few useful parts:

Printers nowadays are very cheap and probably mechanically weak. Very few things are useful:

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