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NEWS AND PEOPLE Prayers for victims
New exhibition for 75th anniversary Christmas 2001 at San Lorenzo in Lucina
Visitors August 10th: "Head of the martyr Laurentius" exposed
 13th-14th September 2001: the 75th anniversary of the Swedish Institute for Classical Studies in Rome  

New exhibition of finds in San Lorenzo in Lucina  

A new exhibition of finds from the second to the fourth century AD was inaugurated September 13th by a visit of the board of the institute and professors of classical archaeology from Swedish universities. The exhibition shows pottery, fragments of wall paintings, coins and other metal finds which give an idea of the life of this quarter in Roman times and of the date of the various periods of the site.  

  General view of the exhibition.  

 Fragments of Roman wall paintings, second and third centuries AD, studied by Agneta Freccero. 

Coins and pottery which date the most important periods found in the excavation in the baptistery: two levels of a courtyard of the late second and mid fourth centuries AD. Bronze objects and iron nails. Remains of the 12th century cosmatesque floor. 17th century pottery suggests the continuing life and history of the site. 

Fragments of a second century wall painting, studied my Stephan Mols in a reconstruction by Alessandro Danesi and Silvia Gambardella.  

Second to fourth century pottery, studied by Leif Erik Vaag, Christina Helander, Masa Dizdar and Kristian Göransson, beneath a model of the church which symbolically shows how the past in Rome is buried beneath the living city.  

Panels with plans and other information in the crypt of the baptistery, designed by Olof Brandt and painted by Giulia Zanini (to the left).  

The board of the Institute is greeted by its Director Anne Marie Leander Touati before the visit to San Lorenzo in Lucina September 13th, 2001.  

Barbro Santillo Frizell, new Director of the Swedish Institute from October 1st, 2001, is interviewed by Swedish Radio in front of San Lorenzo in Lucina.  


Visit to San Lorenzo in Lucina with Börje Magnusson, Olof Brandt and Swedish visitors, September 14th, 2001.