Pictures from the Dark Star
Dark Star

Last Updated on November 17th 1997

I hope this page won't cause me troubles with the law.
Anyway, Your Honour, I only meant to spread Dark Star's Word.

Beach ballon shaped alien
The ship's alien mascotte
Boiler in deep,transcendent thoughts
Boiler again
Boiler, more and more ascetic
Bomb #20
Bomb #20 learns phenomenology
Doolittle, trying to recall is first name
Lt.Doolittle again
Lt.Doolittle in the ship's control room
Pinback's chicken
Pinback, trying to improve Doolittle's morale
Frozen Cap. Powell
Pinback must have missed something
Who is this?
Strange subliminal image (*)

(*) This image appears during a split second, and I really can't say who's this guy. Any idea? J.C. maybe?

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